Part 312 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I didn’t have much hope for sunset, but I went out in the wet and cold anyway… and was surprised by how pretty it was… for a little while anyway.

Ben was lagging eating, so Daughter gave his meds late, so his bath was late, so bedtime was late… it was all late. It all eventually got done, and I started my Things and Stuff… late. I was finally falling asleep just before midnight when I heard Ben’s door open and Zeus was jumping onto my bed. UGH! I got up and followed Ben to the baño to make sure he went back to bed. I got him tucked back in and told him to go to sleep. Then I went back to bed.

I woke around 5:30am but stayed in bed for a while. I eventually got up, looked out the window at the dark and wet and decided against going out for a closer look, baño, Sven’s lights (he’s still sleeping in his house) and Coffee Dragon, then back to my room.

Daughter got up and let Zeus out of Ben’s room around 7am. She did the same thing I did yesterday… told him “Go potty!” He slunk into my room and got on my bed. He’d been scratching at Ben’s door, and while 7am is a reasonable time for him to expect to be out of the room, he also knows he’s supposed to stay with Ben while he sleeps. He doesn’t need to be out, following me around as soon as I get up.

Daughter had left the side door open and the wind was blowing pretty hard, and cold! I got up to close the door, and saw blue sky and fluffy clouds, so I decided to go look at eastern sky. Yes, and take some pictures.

Ben had gotten up and went to Daughter’s room. He eventually commanded her to the living room. I hung out in my room, relaxing and going through my email. The wind blew the side door open a few times and that helped me make my decision about the stuff we needed from the store. I used InstaCart for a delivery. I really didn’t want to change into public clothes and leave my warm bed. I wasn’t IN bed, I was on top of the made bed, but with a throw blanket, it was still warm and comfy.

The order was left on my doorstep at 11:09 with everything I requested. There were a couple substitutions but they were the substitutions I chose, so all good. Yes, there is a service fee and I tipped the shopper/driver 15% but it was totally worth it to me. And, and, and I helped someone earn some money. And I got to stay on my warm bed. It was freakin freezing outside. The temperature at noon was 52°F (11°C) with 20mph winds that made it feel like 47°F (8°C). And it hailed for like two minutes earlier. That’s freakin COLD for SoCal. My Fibromyalgia does not respond well to cold, damp weather.

Ben came into my room around 12:30pm to hang out and watch his tablet. He was still in my room when the 2:30 med alarm went off. He’s been pretty mellow today. He did the chalk thang for a while earlier, but he’s mostly hung out under blankets. When Daughter brought his meds in, it broke the spell. He started getting all crazy and bouncey, then demanded a new box of chalk. I sent him away so I could grab a box from the new hiding place, then took it to him.

Around 3pm I opened the side door to let Zeus out. He looked outside, then looked up at me, then ran out lifted his leg and ran back in. It wasn’t even raining at the time, but I didn’t blame him. The temperature has been dropping about 2° every hour. I don’t think I’ll be taking a lot of sunset pictures unless it’s something spectacularly different. I’d rather stay warm on my bed.

I think I will go ahead and post a little early. I’ve been a slug all day and I plan to continue being a slug. It’s my day off after all.

Because Led Zeppelin…

Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin

Thanks for hanging out on a dull (YAY!) freezing cold (BOO!) day. I did a whole lot of nothing all day and that’s what I plan to do tomorrow too. Whether or not I get to keep my plan is something else entirely. It’s still Casa Cuckoo and Mr Murphy still likes his games. ¡Hasta mañana!