Knocking On Wood

So, Tuesday The King had an appointment with the doc who is in charge if all the meds. She’s actually a psychiatric nurse practitioner but typun “doc” is faster 🙂 Anyway, before even going to the appointment his teacher told us it would be better to just keep him home after. Transitions are difficult. Duh! His appointment was for 10am. No school at all for a 15 minute appointment. As I wrote before he’s been a VERY unhappy camper so he let everyone at the doc’s waiting room know. Then in her office he was banging on the window, grabbing things off her desk, hitting us…fun stuff. She prescribed a new med. Tenex. So far (knock knock knock) it seems to be helping. He’s still a 7year old boy with severe autism and ADHD so we’re not talking miracles here but it’s much much better. We see her again in a couple weeks. Updates to follow…

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