Mother’s Day on repeat

It wasn’t the worst day of my life but it wasn’t much fun. Just like every other day King Ben was awake by 6AM. When the King is awake everyone must be awake. Mom & Auntie decided my Mother’s Day wouldn’t be right unless they were rude to each other and fought with each other and tried to drag me into the middle of it. Great morning so far, am I right? Then around 11AM the King starts getting upset. Anxious, hyped up, ADHD, autism, cracked out jitterbug and angry. He starts asking for a dog that used to come visit. “I want Storm please”. The dog will no longer be visiting because Auntie is no longer friends with Storm’s mama. At first we try to distract him and it works off and on for a while. To cut this story short let me just say that the King repeated that same phrase ” I want Storm please” over and over and over and over and over and over and over from 11AM until 8PM. Seriously. 9 hours on repeat with increasing anger every time the dog didn’t appear. The CIA, FBI, NSA, whatever, could use him. It was torture. And it’s the first thing he said this morning. Thank all the gods & goddesses for school. I was soooo happy to see that yellow bus!

Today I had my Dr appointment. My monthly pump fill. I have an intrathecal pump for my pain. When they ask how I’m doing its been “not great” lately and they want to know why. I explain that it’s just the stress from my life. Nothing anyone can do. The RN that does the filling of the pump was asking what meds the King is on. Then she asked if we had thought of trying medical cannabis. I told her we’d talked about it but the King is 7, and it would be hard to convince the doc. And we’re getting a new doc in about 6 weeks so we’ll see how it goes. It’ll be another NP and fairly young (what we were told) so maybe she’ll be open to it. That’s at least 6 months down the road though. Anyway, got my pump filled. I got my Rx and now hopefully I’ll have some reduced pain sleep. Wish me luck…

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