Memories Of Solstice Past

It’s summer! No doubt about it. It was 105 yesterday & so far 108 today. And it’s the solstice, the official beginning of summer. While I’m melting in my non air conditioned house, my mind wanders back to the late 90s when solstice was an event to look forward to.

Back in the 90s I was still a healthy working mom with two young daughters and a husband. I was in management for a major corporation and my husband had his own small landscaping company. We were both very involved with PTA and classroom volunteers. We were also part of a group of grassroots activists. My husband & I ranthe local Leonard Peltier Defence Committee & AIM. With our group of friends/activists we were also part of Committee Against Police Brutality, Peace & Freedom Party, LGBT rights and homelessness. We would feed the homeless a couple times a year. Just set up a BBQ in a park and feed people.

Solstice was always something to look forward to because we would have an Aztec ceremony to celebrate the longest day of the year. The ceremony was held at the beach and lead by an Aztec friend of ours. It was a corn ceremony and everyone that was at the beach joined in. Sometimes there would be over 100 of us honoring the sun and giving thanks for the corn. I miss gatherings like that.

We used to camp at pow wow every year too. My ex is native though not from here. He is Anishinaabe from northern Michigan. His grandfather disenrolled so my ex was trying very hard to reclaim his heritage.

Solstice is a special time for me. At least it used to be. Now it’s just another reminder of what my life used to be before the fibromyalgia took over. Before my ex lost his battle with addiction and tore our lives apart.

I really miss the good times but I wouldn’t want to bring back the bad times.


4 thoughts on “Memories Of Solstice Past

  1. It was nice, and a workout! The leader would blow on a conch shell and dance and as the sun touched the water we would take some corn kernel or cornmeal and the leader would take us in a circle around the the fire so we could put our offering in the flames. We held hands and danced to the fire and then away… always in a circle, like a snake, winding in and out… people just walking by would join in… it was so cool.

    Then when it was over, we had a potluck feast!

    Good memories!


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