Hiding from the world

I’ve been hiding from the world. King Ben has been having a really rough time and I’ve been having increased pain from my Fibromyalgia. All that plus the horror that was the election triggered my depression. Wow! What a mess!

King Ben’s school was a major problem. I loved his teacher but the aides and the administration needed training. He was eloping daily. He was hitting and biting and kicking. That’s not how he usually is. We called a meeting to find out what was causing all these problems and how to fix it. The end result was a change of schools.

He has been at the new school for a week and already we are seeing a huge improvement. I am cautiously optimistic. I have no idea what thing or combination caused the change but I’m beyond thrilled that he is happier and more comfortable.

My pain is still elevated so my doctor has changed the formula in my intrathecal pump and increased the rate. I’m hoping that plus a happier King will ease the pain.

The depression comes and goes. It’s been that way as long as I can remember. I don’t take any meds for it because (knock on wood) it hasn’t gotten that bad in a long time. I know what to watch for and will ask for the meds if I need them.

The outside world is still a mess and I try to stay informed but I think I’m going to keep hiding. My family is happy and that’s enough for me right now.