Happy Dance

School starts again on Monday. King Ben’s school is on winter break for three weeks. Three. Weeks.

Because he’s a runner and a fast runner I’m terrified to take him anywhere by myself. He’s nonverbal and has no concept of danger. So we’ve spent the past three weeks stuck in the house except for an occasional trip to the grocery store where he sits in the part of the cart where the food usually goes. He’s 8. And big. He fills the whole space. It’s a short trip because I can’t fit many items around him.

We got a dog from the shelter at the start if break. We hoped it could be his friend. Eventually, with training, maybe his service dog.


He likes the dog but he’s still inappropriate in his play really often. He hits, kicks, pulls ears & tail and tries to poke the dogs eyes out. Instead if making this break easier on both if us it’s doubled my work.

Yes, I’m whining a bit. I have Fibromyalgia and that just adds to my exhaustion. I’m doing my best to keep Ben from being too bored but some days it’s difficult for me to even get out of bed.

Anyway, school starts Monday and I may just cry some tears of thankfulness as that little yellow bus pulls away. I’ll go back inside, do my happy dance and collapse back in bed, thankful to have survived another school break.

3 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. I totally understand the happy dance! After such a long break, too! And the dog – we also feel a dog might be good for Declan, but I fear he would do the same thing. I recently saw him try to engage another persons dog in play like he would a playmate. He went up to it, hit it on the head and said, “chase me.” Thinking of you and doing the happy dance with you!

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      1. You are not a bad person at all! I have admitted before that the hardest time for me was when the bus driver was dropping Declan off for an extended break, and how heavy I felt emotionally knowing how much work was ahead. It is such a relief to put him back on the bus to get a break, for him to get back on routine, to learn and get support in ways I can’t give him. I will be dancing, for sure! And throwing some air high 5’s – so be sure to throw a few of those too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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