I started this blog as kind of a journal or venting space. I thought I would record events & thoughts from my life. Things from my past, things dealing with my health and disability, things dealing with King Ben and autism. So that’s what I’ve done.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever follow this blog. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone to. I didn’t link it for a while. I’m not worried about anything in my life being public knowledge. I’m all out there with who I am. I was concerned about Ben though. I try to keep him anonymous and not come across as negative when I write about him but, sometimes I vent a little.

Parents need to be able to connect with other parents and share ideas, tips, concerns and vent😉 and being a parent (co-parent, grandma) is one of my many hats.

I tend to write everything out in one big rush, kind of like I’m talking to someone. My writing may not be set up or punctuated correctly but, whatever, it is what it is. I ramble, go off on tangents or completely change topics sometimes. Just imagine me talking to you, it might make more sense. Or not 😆

So, this disclaimer post is because I’ve gotten some new followers. Hello silly & brave followers👋😘 There’s a very good chance you’ll see more of my writing in the comments section of your own post than here on mine. That’s partly because everything is done from my phone. Why? Because we don’t have a desktop or laptop in the house. Why? Because Ben is a breaker. (A Dark Tower breaker???? hmmmmm😕😂😂) Two TVs, three DVD players, three phones and various other items have been lost to his curiosity or frustration. Disability doesn’t pay enough to afford a computer that might not last a week. (I’m doing that tangent thing…) So, I’m more likely to comment than write because I have to share my phone with Ben so he can do his YouTube surfs. 😕 I don’t always have my phone when I have an idea for a post and then the idea goes into the Fibro Fog. So I’m accessing my blog & yours in bursts. At odd hours sometimes.

Another thing, if I ever write something that you find offensive or upsetting, feel free to tell me. I’m always ALWAYS open to dialogue. I’m intelligent but not all-knowing (yet😜) I love learning new things and exchanging ideas with other people is a great way to do that.

So, that’s my disclaimer. Continue following me at your own (sanity’s) risk😝