The problem with the OWN channel’s ‘For Peete’s Sake’ reality show

Awesome post from #ActuallyAutistic adult about shoe “For Peered Sake”. We get alot of info from carers, it’s good to listen to autistic voices. And this is a brilliant autistic voice!

the silent wave

So anyway, the Oprah Winfrey Network (available on most cable/satellite TV lineups, at least here in the US) has a reality show.

It sheds light on the lives of a family that includes an autistic boy, aged 18, who was diagnosed as autistic at age three.

Generally speaking, it’s a step in a positive direction to start talking openly about the autism spectrum and profile the people who live on it.

However, I’m gravely concerned about this show.  This concern is borne out of several thoughts.

Thought 1 – It follows the textbook outlook of the medical, pathological perception of autism, which adds yet one more card to the “Autism Is Bad” pile.

Having just recovered from hits sustained through movies like “Vaxxed” and “The Accountant”, here comes the next round, another instance in which a negative view of autism is driven home to the general public, and yet another…

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