Hijacking Your Blog

I noticed something about myself the other day. I noticed that I write so much more in the comments section of other people’s blogs than I write posts here. I knew that I didn’t post very often but I hadn’t really thought about how *much* I was commenting. It’s a lot.

I think part of the reason I haven’t been posting much is that I don’t want to always complain. Life hasn’t been easy lately (or ever actually). My sleep has been bad which increases my pain. Ben has been having his own autism related things which adds overall stress to the house. Both daughters have had problems in their personal lives. Nothing is horrible but nothing is fantastic either. I just haven’t felt like any of it was worth posting about.

I follow several really great blogs written by fantastic people. They post more frequently and they post varied, interesting, well written things. Everything I read sparks my thoughts and makes me want to comment. Then, I’ll read some of the other comments left and want to comment on those. I’ve met some super awesome people here on WordPress. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, unlike the other social media site I follow, which I won’t name (little blue bird).

So basically instead of posting “today was sucky cuz…life” here on my own blog, I go and hijack one (or several) of my friend’s blogs and write a bunch of stuff there. It’s like having little mini conversations with my group of friends. We check in with each other, offer different opinions, give or receive encouragement or share some laughs.

Maybe my thoughts will magically clear and a great idea for a post will come to me. Then I can host a “comments party” instead of always hijacking someone else’s blog.

Hey! I just wrote a post. Whaddya know…