4th grade here he comes

Yesterday at King Ben’s school there was a promotion/graduation ceremony. This was only for the autistic kiddos grades K-5. There are about 20 kiddos split into 2 classrooms.

His mama and I got there about 15 minutes before the start so we could get good seats. It wasn’t very crowded at first because not all parents are able to get off work or whatever. I saw Ben right away. His ginger hair is easy to spot. Unfortunately he also saw me right away and immediately wanted to leave the stage and come to me. He was sitting right next to his side and she did a great job talking to him and keeping him in his seat.

It was interesting for me to see all those kiddos up on the stage together. There was much hand flapping and noise making. One little boy jumped up and started trying to take his clothes off. Several of the kids were rocking. Some were covering their ears. I could tell they were all excited but becoming overwhelmed. The aides & teachers were doing a great job calmly trying to soothe or redirect them.

About 5 minutes before the start time 3 or 4 classes of NT noisily filed into the auditorium. They finally got settled and the ceremony began. None too soon I might add.

There was a slide show set to tear jerking music so of course I cried. Ben is going to be at the same school, in the same class next year for 4th grade. All the pictures of him in the slide show were so cute. I could tell he was happy and enjoying himself. I’m glad he’s at this school.

After the slideshow we found out why all the NT kids were there. Some of them were getting awards for being a “peer buddy”. They team up a NT kid with a ND kid during PE or  Art classes to mentor and help. That is such a great idea for both groups of kiddos!

After the “buddy” awards the teacher went through the kiddos on stage as quick as she could because by this time they were all done. Too many people, too much noise, too much, too much, TOO MUCH! The NT classes were so supportive of the kiddos getting their certificates. They yelled out “way to go___” to several of them and started different clapping rhythms.

After the ceremony Ben wanted to come home so we signed him out and brought him home.

Today and 2 more days then Ben is out of school. He has a 4 week, 3 hour/day summer school class but I still dread summer. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and how well he’s doing. I love this school too. It seems that after all the problems we finally have a good fit!