I was going to do two different posts. One update on how Ben is doing and one on my Bio-Father. Then I decided I’m tired and lazy so here’s a two-fer update.


He’s been back at school a couple weeks now and he’s still having some adjustment issues. He has a new teacher, two of four new aides and a new bus driver. I don’t know if all the changes are really throwing him or if he’s just testing his limits with the new people. He’s been eloping again which is worrying. He had pretty much stopped doing that. His new teacher is great at communicating with us though so we’re working on solutions together. I actually got a phone call from Ben last week. It was his reward for doing his work. He chose calling Grandma over using the tablet. Oh, my heart…


I did get in contact with him via email. I decided I wasn’t ready for him to have my phone number or to be available for texting. With email, I get to decide when to answer. Anyway, the first email from him was what was expected. Asking for forgiveness, telling me he loves me… I told him I had forgiven him. I don’t know if it’s  forgiveness but I don’t hate him or anything. That’s all past. We’ve only exchanged a few emails so far. I still have no expectations but I’m going to have to tread lightly. He wants to make up for all the lost time. He wants to be my Dad, one big happy family. I don’t want to be hurtful but I don’t want him to think I’m “Daddy’s little girl” either. We’ll see how it goes.

So, those are my updates.  Thanks again to everyone who helped me survive summer break with Ben and helped me decide what to do about Bio-Father. You guys, gals, folks… Dudes are awesome and I appreciate you all so so much!