It’s IEP time again

So, today was King Ben’s annual IEP meeting. His mama and I had been talking the past few days about what we thought was going to happen at this meeting.

We walked into the room and there were nine other people there. These are all the people in charge of the various supports that he receives. It was kind of a “Wow!” moment. A lot of people for one fourth grader. This group didn’t include the aides and other helpers he has.

I honestly hate the process of these meetings. Each person, classroom teacher, Speech, Adaptive Physical Education, school psychologist, etc tells us their testing methods, what the goals were, how many were reached, and what new goals to add. It’s takes forever. I wish they’d just cut to the chase.

We already knew that Ben has been having problems. His main teacher is really good at communicating with us.

Bottom line is that Ben isn’t really receiving all his supports because he spends up to two hours a day outside the classroom. He elopes and they have a hard time getting him back into the room.

Their recommendation, and ours too, is that Ben be moved to a private autism school. He needs more support than he can get in a public school setting.

I’m happy about this, and terrified. I’m happy that he’ll be in an environment better suited to him. I’m afraid of how the private schools handle behavior issues. We will be able to tour the schools before he goes and our district supervisor will still be very involved with him and his educational goals.

Everyone on his support team adores him and wants him to succeed. There were hugs and tears at the end of the meeting.

We’re in a holding pattern now. Waiting to see where and when an opening in one of the private schools will be available.

7 thoughts on “It’s IEP time again

  1. I admit that I don’t know anything about schooling in your neck of the woods, or the difference between private schools and others. My thought would be that it probably depends on the individual school, and within that school on the individual teachers. So touring the schools and talking to the people is probably a good approach. I hope you find the right school so that Ben gets what is best for him.

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  2. Wow, great! A change is ahead, and I am sure there will be bumps in the road – but hopefully being in an environment better suited to him will help him (and you – for example, maybe the breaks won’t be so long?) It sounds like everyone is on your side and looking out for Ben’s best interests, which is great. Hopefully a spot is available or will open up soon so smoother waters can be sailed for you guys. Thinking of you!

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    1. I’m trying to stay positive about the change. I was really excited about the school he’s in now because it’s an Art and Music magnet school. (magnet schools are public with special emphasis, like science or theater or arts & music) He’s not getting to participate in the art or music though since he keep eloping. Maybe a more structured place can stop the eloping. It’s the biggest issue, because of safety.
      I hope for shorter breaks too!!🙏 💌💌💌

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  3. Whew! Yup, we are still struggling to get an IEP underway for the wild child. A dozen people I have never seen or heard of all giving their analysis and trying to understand the problem exactly as we still don’t have an official assessment.
    And another two days no school coming up…aye aye aye

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  4. I’m no expert, but I’ve heard that private schools don’t give as many accommodations as public schools . The friend i had ended up putting her daughter back in public school since she wasn’t getting the help she needed. Well, now this child is 18 and away in college. So yippee. It all works out eventually.
    I can empathize with you about IEP mtgs too. Many tears shed by me over the years in those rooms. So intimidating cause we want services for our little ones, yet we have to fight and advocate for our kids. It’s exhausting.
    Sounds like they want what’s best for Ben and that’s good.
    Keeping him contained and on a strict schedule should be more fitting.
    My son ended up majoring in music in college and has a beautiful voice. He also plays the piano.
    Hope it all works out for you. Keep us posted.


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