Song Lyric Sunday ~ 6/10/18๐ŸŽถ

The theme for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is to post a song with a metaphor in the title or lyrics. I decided to narrow my options down to bands I’ve seen live. I’ve been to a LOT of concerts, so that still leaves me a bunch of music to sift through. It was a difficult decision. I can’t remember exactly what year I saw Heart. It was probably around 1985. This song is definitely a blast from the past. Enjoy!

Heart ~ Barracuda

So this ain’t the end, I saw you again today
Had to turn my heart away
You smiled like the Sun, kisses for everyone
And tales, it never fails!
You lying so low in the weeds
Bet you gonna ambush me
You’d have me down, down, down to my knees
Wouldn’t you, Barracuda?
Back over time when we were all trying for free
Met up with porpoise and me
No right no wrong you’re selling a song, a name
Whisper game
If the real thing don’t do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn it out to the wick
Aren’t you, Barracuda?
“Sell me sell you” the porpoise said
Dive down deep to save my head
You, I think you got the blues too.
All that night and all the next
Swam without looking back
Made for the western pools, silly fools!
Songwriters: Ann Wilson / Michael Joseph Derosier / Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson / Roger Douglas Fisher

15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday ~ 6/10/18๐ŸŽถ

  1. Oh yes. I remember Heart well. Powerful.
    Those were fun times.
    Thanks for sharing.

    My first concert was ABBA. Great music. Nowadays the youngsters have 3 day concerts. Super wild times for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pat Benatar was my first. I don’t think I could do a three day festival unless I had the super expensive VIP package with seats in shade and a room to go back to.
      It makes me sad. I’m all broken now๐Ÿ˜ข
      I’ve seen some awesome bands though. I still get out to a concert every now and then. Not too long ago I saw Muse. Fantastic!


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