Autism and criminal justice: Beyond myths, stereotypes and denial

I hate seeing autism blamed for criminal activity. Jeanette wrote this excellent post about autism and the criminal justice system…


I need to preface this piece by saying I have possibly a rather different view on issues around criminal justice than many people do. Criminal justice issues are always going to be complicated and nuanced. Criminal behaviour is both an individual choice and a social issue. 

I have the perspective as an autistic person who many years ago was victimised and also was a perpetrator. I will say that my offending was definitely NOT because I am autistic although I was taken advantage of by a criminal man who was a predator and this was my initial introduction to the criminal justice system and things just sort of got worse from there.  Since 2000 I made a lot of changes in my life to be where I am now but it was  hard start.

I met Polly Samuel who I knew then as Donna Williams in 2004…

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2 thoughts on “Autism and criminal justice: Beyond myths, stereotypes and denial

  1. Great post. Catelyn used to steal all the time – from stores or our friends houses. She would find something she liked and just take it. And she did it a lot! We made her take the items back and apologize and she learned. She may see something she likes now, but she doesn’t take it. Declan doesn’t steal, he destroys – he’s still learning. It would be great to have first responders better trained, the whole justice system – and the community in general. I don’t like seeing autism blamed either. Great post

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