TV Shows To Watch When You Have The Flu ~ a new challenge

Yep. That dude over at A Guy Called Bloke tagged me again. Not for the Quotes this time, but for a new challenge that had been passed to him by Ray Not Bradbury. This new challenge is:
to share my 3 favourite shows (by energy, mood, watchable qualities) for the boring days when you are sick.

There be rules:

  • No more than 3 tv-shows
  • Pick the heroes u like in each show
  • Add the pictures or gifs, if you like
  • Humor is welcome
  • Nominate some folks around – spread the word
  • Pingback to my post, if you like, because I dont have any comment section for the summer

And a ranking order:

1] When you are too sick to hold a book

2] Still sick, but you are starting to feel better.

3] You are on the road to recovery.

Now, I’m not a TV watcher or a Netflix binger, I’m a book addict. But I can think of three shows that I did love watching and, if I simply could not hold a book, these are the shows I’d choose.

1} Northern Exposure

I seriously wanted to live in Cicely, Alaska and I wanted Chris (played by John Corbett) to be my partner! This show would definitely help me escape from the yuckies of the kooties!

2} House, M.D.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love this show? I’ll always be partial to Chase and the original cast, but Thirteen is also a favorite!

3} Xena: Warrior Princess

Campy, good fun, Kick-Ass women and Greek Mythology! What more could you ask for? Of course I liked Xena and Gabrielle best, but of all the gods, Ares was always my favorite. He was one of Xena’s favorites too😉

So, those are my picks. Now I’m supposed to tag a few of you. I’m only going to actually tag


because I told him I’d tag him the next time I was doing the Quotes. This isn’t the Quotes (and I’ll still tag him for that) but I’m tagging him anyway.

The rest of you dudes, tag yourselves! I’d love some recommendations for some shows I’m missing out on.

10 thoughts on “TV Shows To Watch When You Have The Flu ~ a new challenge

    1. All these shows are old. Northern Exposure was early 90s, House was mid-late 00, and Xena…well you know Xena.
      I have complete DVD sets of all seasons of Northern Exposure and House and I’m pretty sure one of the services streams Xena.
      My younger daughter was seriously shocked that I didn’t choose M*A*S*H. I’m glad I’d forgotten it TBH, what would I have replaced it with???

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  1. I haven’t seen any of these – have to check them out! I am not much of a TV watcher – but my husband is and he tries to find a show we can enjoy together. Right now we are watching the Netflix series “Schitt’s Creek” It’s pretty funny!

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    1. These are all old shows. No longer running. Northern Exposure is from the 90s, House was big on one of the networks in the mid-late 00s and Xena was … dang, late 80s-early 90s?? Great shows though! IMO anyway😆
      Schitt’s Creek huh? Just the name is a clue.😂😂😂

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  2. I forgot ALL about Northern Exposure! Seems like ages ago! The only three shows I watch now for comfort are the Office, Frasier and Parks and Rec. Not in that order, but Those are my go to ‘streamers’. And Golden Girls if I want to feel im *really* branching out. I don’t have cable so it keeps me nice and separated and picking only what i want. I’m knee deep in Netflix documemtaries the past few weeks but that tends to screw with my emotional stability after a while, so I take them in small doses…or will be anyway.

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    1. Northern Exposure is my all time favorite. The daughters got me the complete set on DVD a few years ago for Christmas. I love all the quirky characters. I wanted to live there and have them be my friends and neighbors.
      I watch the first season or so of the Office when it came out. I’ve maybe seen two episodes of Frasier and Parks and Rec not at all. We don’t have cable either. Big waste of money imo. The TVs almost always have Ben’s DVD of the day/week/month playing on repeat so we wouldn’t be able to watch any shows anyway. By the time he’s asleep, I’m worn out.
      I love documentaries, but, yeah…most aren’t shiny, happy people conquering the world. It can be a bit painful after awhile.
      My daughters were both shocked that neither M*A*S*H nor X-Files made my list. Both great shows, but I think I’ve already watched them to death 😂😂


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