A July 4th To Remember

With Independence Day just around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite July 4th with all my wonderful WordPress family. Yes, this is a re-blog. Some of you will remember the story, but some of you joined me after this was written.
Think of the Griswold’s Vacations when you read this. Our family vacations were often similar to the Griswold’s.

King Ben's Grandma

Let’s set the wayback machine to July 4, 1998. My (now ex) husband, my daughters (9yrs & 3yrs), my in-laws, our nephew (12yrs) and I were on a two week road trip. We were packed into a Dodge Grand Caravan and we were camping much of the time.

We had started out on June 30, 1998 with our first stop being the Grand Canyon. I may do other posts on some of the other places we went and what we saw. It was a trip to remember.

Anyway, July 4 we woke up at a campsite right on a lake in Boysen State Park. This was near Shoshoni, Wyoming. Our plan for the day was to head towards Montana. We were looking for “the spot” in the mountains of Wyoming along the way. “The spot” is a place my (ex)husband had stopped at on a previous trip and he swore…

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