Drama continued

My younger daughter and her partner drove off (from home~San Diego area) around 8pm on Friday night. She had made up her mind that she had to see her father. As a result of their hurried planning and packing, all day Friday was a clusterfuck.

On top of that drama, King Ben is going through some kind of sleeping problem. He wakes up, and stays up, at 1am every other night/morning. He’s on his tablet (and thrashing the house Tasmanian Devil style) until the battery dies, then he demands my phone while his tablet charges. We don’t have a desktop or laptop because Ben aka Taz likes to destroy things. I do everything from my phone.

With my fibromyalgia insomnia, I rarely get to sleep before midnight, even with medication, so I’ve been running on almost no sleep for about a week. King Ben’s Grandma is a tired, addled, grumpy gal. I’m behind on my WP reader…again and that adds to my grumpiness. My WP dudes are one of the few joys I have.

My daughter and her partner should be arriving in Indiana sometime today. Last time they checked in they were just leaving Oklahoma. I can only hope and pray to The Flying Spaghetti Monster that my daughter finds her father sober and that his girlfriend (the rude, mean, vindictive…) stays out of it and lets my daughter spend time with him. His entire family is in the area so she’ll have uncles and cousins, not to mention her grandmother to support her and her partner.

I’ll be trying to check in with all you awesome dudes when I can. I rely on you all. You’re my family and you mean the world to me.๐Ÿ’Œ