Oh No Way, Oh So Way ~ The Saga Continues

My dude Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke is at it again with the “Have you ever…” questions. He’s got a great sense of humor and his questions are fun. Usually he’s got a great story behind the questions.

As always, feel free to participate by writing your own post and pinging Rory or go over to his blog and answer in the comments section. Or, you could even play along in my comments. So, grab your popcorn, here we go…
Had my tonsils out

No Way ~ In my teens I wished they would have taken them out. I had strep and tonsillitis all the time.

Been in such a rush that l ‘cleaned up’ by piling everything into a closet.

So Wayish ~ when I was a kid and told to clean my room, I used to shove everything in the closet or under the bed. I may have gotten away with once. Maybe. My mom just made me drag everything out and really clean up.

Dressed up as the opposite sex

So Wayish ~ when I was still working I would occasionally wear a men’s suit with dress shirt and tie. There’s no way I could ever pass as a man though without a lot of binding and padding.

Heard another couple ‘doing it’ and tried to out do their noise level with my own ‘doing it’

No Way ~ I think if I ever tried to do this I’d just bust out laughing

Smoked from a bong

So Way ~ many, many, many times. I actually still have a beautiful blue glass piece I bought years ago. I still occasionally use cannabis to relax.

Been an extra in a movie

No Way ~ if I were to get back into acting, I’d want to do theater, not movies.

Googled my own name to see what comes up

So Way ~ I did it once and it was boring. Nothing good. A lot of ads for how to find people or genealogy sites.

Danced in a fountain

So Way ~ I recommend everyone do this. It’s fun to dance and play in a big fountain!

Been peed on by an elephant

No Way ~ the only elephants I’ve seen were at the zoo or the Wild Animal Park and I wasn’t close enough to get peed on

Made an Ostrich angry

No Way ~ same as the elephants

Dressed up as a super hero for role play during sex

No Way ~ I don’t think I’d be able to do anything except laugh if I tried

Walked in on a couple who were doing it

So Way ~ walked in on couples, been walked in on… it was the 80s and I was kinda wild(er) before I was a Mama.

Upset a giraffe

No Way ~ see elephant and ostrich

Gotten something stuck in my nose

No Way ~ I was never that kid that shoved beans or pebbles up their nose.

Peed in the swimming pool instead of going to the toilet

So Way ~ can anyone honestly say they haven’t? Even as a child?

Picked fluff out of my belly button

No Way ~ my belly button isn’t deep enough to collect fluff.

Been on a blind date

So Way ~ once. In high school a guy friend set me up with this guy he knew that didn’t go to our school. It was interesting. The guy’s family was very wealthy and he took me to their summer home on the bay, bought me a wetsuit and took me jet skiing. Then we went back to the house to shower and change to go out to dinner. It was fun but the guy was not my type. I avoided him after that until several months later he asked me to go to a concert I really wanted to go to. I felt bad cuz I wasn’t in to him at all. I didn’t go out with him again after the concert.

There you have it. Did any of my answers surprise you?