No Way! So Way! The Sequel

Another week, another episode of Oh No Way, Oh So Way. My dude Rory supplies the questions and invites us to answer, and asks us to ping him back at A Guy Called Bloke so he can enjoy our answers. Do you dare? I do…

Worn my night time bed wear out to the shops


I live in yoga and pajama pants, t-shirts, hoodies. Most are very worn in and comfy. I’ll walk over to the corner market wearing whatever I have on. Even in my slippers. I’m not trying to impress anyone.

Blamed my farting on another

So Way!

Always blame the dog๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Laughed at something that whoops wasnโ€™t a joke

So Wayish…

I’m a sucker for slapstick and I’ve started laughing at a fall or collision before realizing the person was hurt.

Cheated at Monopoly

No Way!

No cheating ๐Ÿ˜  how can you claim a victory if you cheat?!

Peed in the bath

So Way!

But I had a very bad UTI and was instructed by my doctor to run some warm water in the tub to urinate. The infection was so bad I couldn’t go without the warm water.

Accidentally sharted whilst laughing

No Way!

I’ve definitely sharted as I shared in my “return” post, but not while laughing. I’ve laughed so hard I peed myself though.

Arrived at a party wearing fancy dress on formal night

No Way!

All the parties I went to were very casual.

Had a seriously bad haircut l had to wear a cap for 9 weeks

No Way!

I’ve given myself some seriously bad haircuts, but it was in the 80s so I just acted like I meant it to look that way. Flock Of Seagulls style๐Ÿ˜‚

Broken a chair just by sitting on it

So Way!

It was one of those collapsible canvas chairs and it must have been old because it ripped and I was stuck in it. It was pretty funny.

Scream out aloud like a wussy when something jumped out of a dark corner

So Wayish…

It wasn’t a dark corner, but one of the big American Cockroaches crawled across my night stand and I screamed and jumped up and ran into the other room, where I huddled crying while my daughter went to find the bug and dispose of it. UGH! I’m creeped out typing this.

Look at myself in the mirror and thought โ€˜Shit really/โ€™

So Way!

I don’t spend any time in front of mirrors but coming into the bathroom, I glanced up and saw my mother’s face for a second. I do resemble her, but dang!

Stepped barefoot on dog poop

So Way!

In the dark. In the house. I was NOT pleased with the offending dog.

Taste sampled my own earwax

No Way!


Worn underwear for more than a week

So Wayish…

During my recent bowel troubles when I had to wear a pad in my undies. Big huge pads! May not have been a week but it wasn’t a daily change. Gross experience. Completely and utterly gross.

Visited a strip joint

So Way!

I’ve watched the gents and the ladies do their thing. Different venues of course.

Watched pimple popping YouTube videos

So Way!

I heard about the videos so I looked.

Used a public toilet that had no toilet paper and โ€˜improvisedโ€™

So Way!

I’ve had to do the “drip dry” a few times. Never been stuck without paper for a poo. I try to avoid that in public and if I can’t, I check for paper before squatting.

Well, that was another interesting bunch of questions. Rory always comes up with fun and interesting games! Do you dare to play?? Don’t forget to ping Rory back if you do.

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