Oh No Way, Oh So Way ~ Revisited

Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke is at it again with the No Way, So Way questions. You are all learning so much more about me, huh?! Too much? I hope not.

Feel free to copy/paste the questions to your own post. Just ping Rory back so he can see too.

I have eaten snails

So Way ~ My third year of high school french class, we went on a Cultural Experience to a french restaurant in La Jolla (the rich part of town). While there we only spoke French and yes, we all tried the Escargot.

Received a speeding ticket

No Way ~ I’ve gotten tickets for other stuff but not speeding. That doesn’t mean I don’t speed. It just means I haven’t been caught… MWAHAHAHA

Fallen asleep during an important meeting

No Way ~ There were a few meetings that were boring enough that I wished I could have slept through them.

Sunbathed nude

So Way ~ When I was younger, before I had children. Sunburns hurt on the generally covered area. I learned after being pregnant that sunburns on stretch marks are even worse. So, no more nude sunbathing. I’m very fair skinned and shouldn’t sunbathe at all.

Taken part in a talent show.

So Wayish ~ Does a show of different skits count? It wasn’t really about talent, and their were no winners. I also did theater in high school. Go figure…an introvert that enjoys being on stage.

Worn Crocs

No Way ~ yuck! Ugly! They don’t even look comfortable. I’ll go barefoot or wear my flip flops.

Screamed at a scary scene in a movie showhouse

No Way ~ The only movies that ever really scared me we’re watched at home. Either rented or cable.

Been involved in a hit and run

No Way ~ I’ve almost been hit many, many times while walking. Drivers do not watch for pedestrians around here. Even in crosswalks.

Been locked outside when naked

No Way ~ I am probably very lucky to miss this one. I’ve had friends with evil senses of humor.

Been approached by a hooker

No Way ~ I have however been approached as if I were a hooker. Browsing in an adult book store, seemingly alone, wearing spandex…meh, it was the 80s.

Re โ€“ gifted a gift to someone else that l was gifted.

So Way ~ gift cards are great for that.

Fallen over something in the street whilst texting

No Way ~ I fall over things just fine while I’m looking at them. I don’t need to be distracted by texting.

Fallen asleep on the toilet

So Way ~ I was heavily medicated and got up to do a wee. I think I was in there for quite a while before my daughter knocked and woke me up.

Had sex in a tent

So Way ~ I love camping!

Properly kissed someone of the same sex

So Way ~ I am attracted to people not specific genders.


No Way ~ I don’t really have the balance for surfing. I have had fun with boogie boards, I’ve lived within 20 miles of the ocean my entire life.

Had sex on the first date.

So Way ~ Are there rules about dating and sex? I generally play by my own rules.

Holidayed in a nudist camp

No Way ~ I’m not really interested in paying money to hang around naked with a bunch of strangers.

Well, there you have it. Did any of the answers surprise you?

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