It’s My Birthday🎉🎂💃

On this date, February 24th, in the year 1968, I was born. I came into this world weighing a whopping 10lbs 5oz (4.67kg). I was 23 inches (58.42cm) in length. My poor Mom.

I decided last year when I hit the Big 5-0 that I was going to remain fifty for five years and then be fifty-five for five years. Then, at sixty, do the same.

It’s not that I mind aging. It does kinda blow my mind when I think about it. I don’t really feel fifty. I don’t really feel any age. My body feels much older at times but that’s the Fibromyalgia.

The reason I’ve decided to age in five year increments is because I can never remember what my age is. I spent my entire forties with a blank look and a long pause whenever I was asked my age. It was generally doctors that asked. I think (hope) I’ll be able to remember five year increments. And if the doctors don’t like the inaccurate age, they can do the math themselves. They have my date of birth with everything else.

So, Happy 50th Birthday to me…again😜