The Break-up, The Flu And The DMV With My Mother… A Rant

It’s been a doozy of a week. Life with King Ben is never dull, but I guess the rest of the family thought I had too much free time or something. Yeah, right…

Younger daughter and her live-in partner had been arguing for a while. I have no idea what the problem is and I don’t want to know. They’re both adults. Well, they’re both twenty-four years old anyway. I guess they decided they were done as a couple and the partner started staying somewhere else. All their stuff was still here, but they weren’t. This week they’ve been texting me that they were gonna come by and get their stuff and then not showing up. Younger daughter says they just want to talk to her about their relationship. I’m putting my fingers in my ears, saying La La La La, I don’t care. Are they picking up their stuff or what? So younger daughter storms around the house, says she’s leaving so (ex)partner can come get their stuff. Swell.

Meanwhile, older daughter is sick with a new flu kootie. She’s been snuffly and hacking her lungs out for a week or more. She’s a CNA, so the facility she works at makes her get a flu shot every year. I guess this strain wasn’t included. Anyway, she’s grumpy because she’s sick. She’s grumpier because she doesn’t get along with her sister. She’s even grumpier because of all the drama of the break-up. I swear, I can practically see the waves of grump rolling off her. I can definitely feel them. Being an Empath is super sucky sometimes.

Also going on all week long is the saga of The DMV. DMV is Department of Motor Vehicles and it’s where you go for your driver’s license or car registration. My mother needed to renew her license before her birthday, which is this coming Monday. She was stressing out because she had to take the written test to get her renewal. It’s been over twenty years since she’s had to take the test. She’s a fairly good driver. She was so anxious about failing the test, she kept putting off going. I offered to go with her and she jumped on that, but still kept putting it off. Finally, we go on Friday. She picked me up right after Ben’s bus pulled away. We get there before they open, and there’s already a line. The DMV is where you stand in lines forever. When they open, they tell everyone that the computers are down statewide. We can wait or come back. There’s no idea when they’ll be up. We waited. We had to wait, she was out of time. An hour later, we’re at a window and they can’t find my mother’s application in the system. She said she’d filled it out on line but it’s not there. She’s turning seventy. She’s older, but not old. I think she put it all off. Anyway, off to another line to use a computer to fill out the application. The computer is touch-screen and she’s having trouble using it. I guess it was her nerves because she can use a computer. We go back to the window, she pays for the renewal, then we’re off to another line for photo and thumbprint, then testing. It took her a half hour to answer twenty multiple choice questions. She did pass, thank goodness!

Now it’s the weekend. No glorious little yellow school bus to take King Ben away and give me quiet time…and he got me up at 2:00am, younger daughter is arguing with her phone…and her sister, older daughter still has the flu, my mother had so much fun being with me (at the DMV? huh?!) that she wants to hang out again… It’s been a week.

Okay, rant over.