Surviving Spring Break and Surgery

Hey WordPress Family 😍 I’ve been absent again and I’m clawing my way back. Life at Casa Cuckoo was a little more cuckoo than normal.

The last week of March was the central part of the extras. That was the week that King Ben was out of school on Spring Break. No glorious little yellow school bus. To prepare for a week of having no free time, I spent all my free time leading up to that week trying to get all my errands out of the way. Trying is the keyword. Life never goes according to plan. Not my plans anyway.

As if having King Ben home all day, every day isn’t enough to stress me out, my pain doctor informed me that my intrathecal pain pump replacement surgery would be March 28. Yep, during King Ben’s break. I had to have the unit replaced because the battery that runs it was dying. It’s not a surgery I could postpone. So, right in the middle of King Ben’s break from school, I had surgery. It was outpatient surgery, but general anesthesia, which meant I had to arrange for my younger daughter to drive me and older daughter had to take time off work to take care of Ben. Ugh!

The surgery went fine. The unit was replaced with no problems and I came home with eleven staples to hold the incision closed. I also have to wear an abdominal brace for four to six weeks. The unit is placed in my lower right abdomen, about half way between my bellybutton and hip bone, just below the bellybutton line. My post op pain was a lot more than I was expecting. It hurt pretty bad for three or four days. I took extra morphine and thankfully the doctor was okay with that. Being a chronic pain patient and taking opiates can be a bureaucratic nightmare these days, but that’s a topic for a different post.

All during this time, my daughters have been at war with each other. It’s not a physical war, but a petty, sniping, yelling, bitchy war. Lots of negative vibes and heavy silences to go along with the arguing. I physically felt all of their negativity. Being an Empath is horrible when you’re surrounded by negativity. I’m sure it added to my pain.

King Ben is back in school, but still waking up, and waking up energized, in the wee hours three or four times a week. The daughters are still at war, but the younger is working full time and staying at her new partner’s house on her days off, so there’s a little less tension in the house. The staples are out and the incision is healing well, but the abdominal brace is annoying the snot out of me. It’s like a corset without the boning. So, all in all, things aren’t great, but they’re improving. I guess that’s the best I can hope for.

I’ve missed you all, and I’ll be trying to catch up with you. I really hope I haven’t missed anything really big in your lives. Please let me know if I have. Anyway, like that horrible rash or that annoying relative, I’m back😘