Please Share: Suicide Awareness on Blogging Sites

A reminder that we all have crisis moments, but you’re never alone. The WordPress community is here for you!

Beckie's Mental Mess

Suicide Awareness RibbonHello, All…

I’m writing to you because of a blogger that I interacted with last evening.  In fact, I went as far as reblogging her post with hopes that other’s would try to help this poor woman who was really crying out for help, or rather… Writing a suicide note last night on her post.  (Which is something she admitted).

I tried my hardest to keep her talking and making suggestions in order to get help, but then the comments ended.  I stayed up until after 2am this morning, hoping and waiting for a response from this blogger.  No response was ever made.

I’ve got to be honest here… This truly scared me, and I tried social media outlets to find this woman.  All I know is she lives in the UK. As of now, I don’t know what else to do except share her post again.

 I found…

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