And Then There Were Three

(This isn’t the promised post on Angie’s Turbulent Teens, but I haven’t forgotten.)

Things at Casa Cuckoo have been changing over the past month or so. King Ben has lost one of his full-time loyal subjects. His Auntie, my younger daughter, has moved out.
It wasn’t a sudden move and it’s not on bad terms. She is twenty-four years old and tired of living at home. Mostly she’s tired of living with her sister. My daughters have never gotten along. Just because you share blood doesn’t mean that you share interests. My daughters are two different people. I miss having my younger daughter here, under my roof, but I don’t miss being a referee in their constant arguing.

So, except for a few odds and ends, we now have an empty bedroom. King Ben has been sharing the big master bedroom with his mama since we moved to this house about eight years ago. Older daughter wants to move Ben, and more importantly, all his stuff, into the open room. We know that getting him to actually sleep in there will take time. Possibly lots of time. Getting all his toys in there will be a great start. Plus, I think it will be good for him to have his own space. He’ll be eleven in September and heaven help us, puberty is just around the corner.

We all know how much humans like change. (Yes, that’s sarcasm) Autistic humans have even stronger feelings about change, so we’re expecting that things are going to be a little bumpier than usual. I’m actually surprised that Ben doesn’t seem to be bothered by his Auntie’s absence. She works afternoons and was often out with friends so she didn’t really see him that often. Mostly in passing on weekends. He saw her moving her things out and we all talked about it. Maybe he doesn’t have strong feelings about it either way. She has been by several times in the past month, so it’s not like she just vanished. 

So now it’s just King Ben and Mama and Grandma. I don’t see that changing at all. 

12 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. Less people is always better especially since the sisters didn’t get along.

    You might sleep a little better having less mouths to feed and less pitter patter around the house at night.

    I believe our 20 somethings belong somewhere besides our homes. Goodness knows I sleep better because I’m not worrying as much about them. And they need their privacy too.
    Good for Ben. I’m sure you can get him to buy into having his own room as his “palace” or whatever.
    Keep on keeping on grandma.

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  2. Wow! I didn’t see that coming, but I reckon it’s for the better (?). Definitely a reduction in the drama, since the girls have never gotten along. Maybe just maybe they might get along better now. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs when we lived under the same roof, but since we’ve moved away and grown up a little, we’ve begun to be really close. This closeness has a detached feel on the surface, like we only talk every few months, but when we do it’s for like 5-6 hours lol, and we shoot the shizz and catch up and joke around, and it feels comfortable and non-awkward like we’d just talked yesterday. Pretty cool stuff! I only hope for something similar for your girls, over time. And it’ll probably take time–and increasing maturity. We’re almost 37 and 42, and only during about the last 7-10 years have we been as close as we are. So yeah, there’s hope ;-). Fingers crossed!! ❤

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    1. It will probably take ten years for these two. At 24, younger knows everything and doesn’t hold back on the opinions. At 30, older also knows everything and thinks younger is clueless and rude. OY! I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to it daily. They both had valid points against the other, but neither were/are perfect. Oil and water those two.
      As for Mr Bootyhead, as long as he has Grandma, he gets to continue being lazy and saying “Grandma to do it”😒😩

      I miss you my Dearest Cosmic Sister Dude! I think about you all the time😍😍😍 My texting ability is hit & miss since Mr Bootyhead has just about killed my phone. I’m trying to nurse it along but I may have to let it go and get a new one😟
      Great Big Ginormous hugs and love❣💞💖😻💐🌞💗💓✨💫🌻🌺🌈☮☯💛💜💌

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  3. Wow! Big change! I can relate to the “own room” thing. Although the boys have a bunk bed – to which Declan could sleep on either bunk of his choosing – he chooses to sleep on the floor next to me. He has for years now, so I upgraded his sleeping to an air mattress. AND all his stuff. I put my foot down to posters though – I am not putting those up in my room. I would love for him to go to his own sleeping space in his shared room, but don’t see that happening any time soon. Hopefully Ben does well with his aunties absence and transitions to his new room – eventually!

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    1. I’m hoping that since he liked to play in auntie’s room (occasionally she’d let him come in and hang out) he’ll be excited about going in whenever he wants to. We’ve kept the door closed since she still has a few things in there.
      Middle of the night sleeping battles are low on the list of battles I’m willing to fight.

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  4. That’s impressive that King Ben isn’t really phased by his Aunt moving out. Like you said though, she was working and busy out with friends and such.
    I think of him having his own bedroom/playroom will be more playroom in the beginning too. This is probably going to take time to really adjust to that idea, but you never know, he might surprise both of you and actually take to the idea of him becoming a big boy now, “The Big 11-Year-Old” room.
    One good thing though… the constant fighting will now subside. You’re so spot on when saying just becausetwo people share the same blood, doesn’t mean they are going to get along. Heck, my siblings don’t exist to me anymore, not in the very least.
    Good luck with all the new changes, Angie. Hang in there!!! 😊

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    1. You’re right that he might love the idea. It’s not unusual for him to be completely okay with things we’re prepared to be difficult and for him to have extreme difficulty with things we think will be easy. Keeps us on our toes😉😂

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  5. Sounds like things might be a little calmer and more peaceful for you – and your daughters might learn to get along better if they don’t have to share a home. King Ben getting his own room seems like a great idea too – it may take time but good to start preparing him now before he hits teenage years. Best wishes. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I hope they can eventually be in the same room together without being rude to each other or fighting🙏. I’m excited to get all of Ben’s stuff out of my room & the living room. And his Mama’s room too😉😄.

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