Doodlepip’s Interviews – Sven 81 — A Guy Called Bloke

Doodlepip’s Interviews Directory Your Name? My name is Sven. I am also called Mr Grumpy Beard occasionally, or Sven The Magic Dragon What do you call your 2-leggeds? Servants, what else?! What species of animal are you? Dragon I am a Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps What colour/s are you [if applicable] I’m mostly kind of…

via Doodlepip’s Interviews – Sven 81 — A Guy Called Bloke

18 thoughts on “Doodlepip’s Interviews – Sven 81 — A Guy Called Bloke

  1. I never knew their necks turned black when they are upset – good to know! And wow, you adopted him! I think that is the only way one would come into our house – if it needed a home. Fun to read about your other animal!

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    1. We have never bought an animal. We’ve paid adoption fees at the shelter, but even that is rare. We just take in strays.
      Reptiles aren’t as icky as people think. I think it’s that they’re cool to the touch and the mind thinks “slimy, yucky”.
      Their necks get SO black! And the head bobbing is funny to watch. I’m sure there are videos on YouTube if you ever get bored (yeah, right😏) and need a laugh.


  2. That’s cool 😎 We’ve never had a bearded dragon…yet. But we have had a hermit crab and a garden snake. They were great pets. I love the last picture, I think it was, where he’s sort of resting his neck on the rock in some sort of yoga stretch that looks like dragon attitude 😄

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    1. He definitely has attitude! I talk to him every time I walk by and he just sort of gives me side-eye😒 Its funny watching him eat. He has the worst aim! Sometimes it takes him two or three tries with the sticky tongue jab to get what he’s after.😂

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        1. Every animal that has ever lived with us is bizarre! I dont know if we attract them or change them🤔 They’ve all been rescues. Zeus is the only one in forever that even came from a shelter. Usually we find strays…or they find us.
          Our newest member, Diesal Loudmouth Kitten makes sure we all know how unhappy he is around 5pm every night. He’s quarantined in one room until we get the all clear from the vet, and most of the day he’s fine, but 5pm-ish he starts yelling. For an itty bitty kitty he has a LOUD voice.🙉🙀😹😻

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          1. I get that! Bizarre and I often end up asking – how do they find me?! Diesel Loudmouth Kitten! I love that! I used to have a cat who developed this odd guttural sound later in life. Every time he opened his mouth it sounded like an old car engine being cranked. It was horrible. But it did get him a Lot of extra treats as he would stop then! 😹😊

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  3. Its amazing how well our pets have US trained isn’t it?😂😂 Our other cat Sophie demands her treats (we call the treats “kitty cat crack”) every evening. She sits on my chest with her claws half out and stares at me… Or if I’m up moving around she runs between my feet, the Cat Infinity Sign move. I’m very well trained though, usually her “crack” is in the special place it’s served, waiting for her. Well trained human 😇🤣


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