Angie’s Turbulent Teens ~ The Handcuff Story

I guess people were a little disappointed that I wasn’t handcuffed when I was arrested for Grand Theft. I’m joking. I did mention in that post that I had been handcuffed by the police when I was fifteen (I might have been sixteen). This is that story.

It starts with a donut shop. Kind of cliche for the police to be at a donut shop, but it’s really not in this case. The planned community my parents moved us to had a bunch of sub-divisions named Villa This and Villa That and Villa The Other Thing. We had two strip malls, two roads in and unless you had a car, not many options for things to do. A lot of the Villas had a central park with a swimming pool, maybe a playground or tennis courts. Sometimes people would hang out at the parks, usually at night.

If you wanted to find people you could call them at home or you could walk to a few of the regular gathering spots. One of these spots was the donut shop. The owners and employees didn’t care if you sat there and didn’t order anything. It had a cigarette machine so you could buy overpriced smokes without getting carded, it was near the street in the strip mall and had big windows so you could see people coming and going.


One afternoon I walked up to the donut shop. I was bored and none of my friends were home. I parked my butt at a table and looked out the windows, waiting… I spent many hours, over many years, sitting in that donut shop waiting. Anyway, I don’t know how long I was there this time, but eventually a guy I knew and was sorta dating came in. (By sorta dating I mean we had hung out and had sex a couple times) He sat down opposite me at the table and we started talking. Maybe I was supposed to meet him there, I don’t remember. We were there for a little while when a police car pulled up.

We both looked out the window to see if the officer was going to get out, and which one it was. There were two officers that we, the local teens, had regular contact with. One was pretty cool. He’d stop and talk to us, mention he’d heard so-and-so was having a kegger on whatever night, tell us he’d be by at 11:00pm to shut it down, stay out of trouble… He was cool. I can’t remember his name, but I remember what we called the other officer. We called him Little Hitler, and he was not cool.

So we watched to see if we were going to get hassled or not. Little Hitler would chase us off even though the donut store people didn’t care if we were there. It was the cool one. He came in, got his free coffee (some cliches are true) and sat down to talk to us.

The three of us are joking around and they were teasing me so I jokingly said I was gonna leave. The guy I’m sorta dating tells the police officer to cuff me to the table so I can’t leave, and grabs my wrist. The officer grabs his cuffs, puts one end around the pole under the table and the other end around my wrist. I know this seems awful, but it wasn’t. We were all laughing and playing around and I could have pulled my hand away at any time. I was definitely an active participant in the handcuffing. They both stood up like they were going to leave me there, cuffed to the table. More joking, more teasing, more laughing.

Fun and joking aside, the officer had a job to do, so he uncuffed me and went out to his car and left. I don’t remember what the guy and I did. So, that’s the story of me being handcuffed.

Which story would you like next? Here’s the list again if you’ve forgotten the options.


(Photo from pexels )

27 thoughts on “Angie’s Turbulent Teens ~ The Handcuff Story

  1. Love the new gravatar pic 😀

    I also love how you told the story, cool characterisation of the people involved, awesome setting and set-up, and what a great twist!

    Since you mentioned perhaps being 16 instead of 15, it would make sense to make the next post about some of the 16 year old you’s adventures, such as the worst birthday ever.

    I can’t recall my sweet 16 b’day, fairly certain it was a non-event which was better than it being an event.

    Looking forward to the next episode in the series. You’re a wonderful storyteller 🙂

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    1. Wow! After a crappy night’s sleep it’s wonderful to wake up and read your comliments😊 Thank you!

      One vote for worst birthday ever✔ we’ll get to all of them eventually I guess. As long as people are enjoying reading them. You were right, people are enjoying the stories. I guess was my old baggage telling me I’m boring, unimportant, useless…etc that kept me from thinking anyone would be interested. Thanks for the nudge, I’m having fun with it.💌

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  2. Good story! Coming off the grand theft post I thought you had gotten in some major trouble and got cuffed in the “uh-oh” way. This was fun and fun to read about. Loved how you wrote it! Excited for the next installment! Also, is that a picture of you at 16? Cute!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Robyn! I learned my lesson with the Grand Theft issue to stay away from negative police involvement. 😂 Yep, that my sophomore school picture. Rocking the 80s perm (while my hair grows out) and dangly earrings.

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  3. You, my friend seem to enjoy handcuffs??? Hmmm? LOL!
    Thank goodness this was a playful story not like the grand theft… Big difference.
    How about sharing your first smoking weed, and/or cigarettes next (OR) the drunken episode like 16 candles.
    By the way… Such a pretty picture of you. I like that you’re sharing pictures along with the stories.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shhhhh….no one is supposed to know about the handcuffs😉 😂
      For my first weed we have to go back to 12-13 …maybe we should do that anyway…chronlogical… The trashed houses were at different ages… I’ve been going with majority rule so we shall see.
      It’s been a trip, going back to those memories. Especially with the pictures. The ones I have of my younger years in the 70s? OMG! The clothes were hideous😵😂

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  4. So fun reading stories from the good old days.
    We had a local donut shop too. The only time we went there was when my parents would send us to church on our own. Of course we had to walk right past the donut 🍩 shop. So instead of going to Mass, we hung out at the donut shop instead. I know. Sounds horrible. Such a bad Catholic. Lol. Parents never knew.
    Keep the stories coming

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      1. One time my mom called me from wk. I had taken the phone off the hook! i was supposed to be home, but snuck off to donut shop. When I returned with my bike, her car was there. She was worried and came home. I had to hide the donuts next to garbage so she didn’t know, but i was in BIG trouble.

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        1. You little rebel😂 I’ll bet mom was mad. She probably imagined horrible accidents to make her leave work. As parents we understand why our parents freaked out over, what seemed to us, minor things.


  5. Ha ha brilliant, interesting how you enjoyed the cuffs but hey ho … it’s great you were in good humour, l used to know some people that would have over reacted violently to the jokiness of it all 🙂

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    1. Handcuffs…well, yeah…you know… NOT gonna post anymore handcuff stories.😯😂
      A lot of people really can’t take a joke. I think it’s insecurity and fear of embarrassment. It’s sad in a way because they’re missing out on fun.💌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes sadly so now let me see if l have read this right lmao!!

        “NOT gonna post anymore handcuff stories.”

        translated means there are more, but my lips are sealed, l mean it’s not like you wrote “There are NO more handcuff stories to tell!”

        Ha ha

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