Angie’s Turbulent Teens ~ October 24, 1981

We started at the beginning, maybe not the very beginning, but close enough. Then we jumped ahead approximately three years, and now we’re going back a couple years. My mind bounces all over the place, why shouldn’t my stories? So grab a snack, grab a beverage and get comfy because we’re traveling back to 1981. Sorry, no DeLorean.

This story actually starts before October. When before October, I can’t remember. It starts with a slumber party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We did all the normal slumber party things…talked about boys, ate a lot of junk food, watched movies, talked about boys, played Truth-Or-Dare, giggled, talked about boys… normal stuff.

During the party, my friend’s older brother came downstairs to tease us and give his sister her gift. The gift was Pat Benatar’s album Crimes Of Passion and two tickets to the upcoming concert. His girlfriend would drive and chaperone. Everyone was wondering who the birthday girl would choose to go to the concert with her.

Okay, yes, she picked me. She didn’t tell me right away, so I don’t know if I was her first choice or not. We weren’t best friends at the time of the slumber party, but she became my best friend. (This is a different friend than the one I got arrested with. This is also seventh grade) I was very excited! I loved Pat Benatar (who didn’t at that time?!) And I had never been to a concert before.

The concert was on a Saturday night (I looked it up) so I’m guessing that I probably walked to her house before and spent the night after. I don’t remember all the details. Her brother’s girlfriend drove us to the arena (fun fact: if you’ve seen the movie Almost Famous you’ve seen the arena where I saw many, many concerts ) and parked. Brother’s girlfriend then produced a small baggie containing, you guessed it… pot, marijuana, weed, bud, Mary Jane, cannabis… and a bong to smoke it.

I had never tried weed at this point but felt comfortable with my friend and her brother’s girlfriend, plus I knew I wasn’t going home to my parents that night so I was ready to give it a try. I’d never even seen a bong before so I really watched closely so I wouldn’t look like a complete idiot when my turn came.

This was 1981 and all the fancy glassware of today was not available then. The bong was basically an orange plastic cylinder with a black plastic base and a metal bowl sticking out the side. I took it, put my mouth to it and started inhaling (nope, not gonna say sucking) like they did, only it wasn’t working. I didn’t know about the little hole in the back (the carb) that supposed to be covered by your thumb until you pull enough smoke into the cylinder. We got that all sorted out and I made another attempt. Not wanting to fail again, I kept inhaling until I almost burst, then took my thumb off the hole. All that smoke was instantly in my lungs. Too much for a rookie like me. I think I held it for five seconds before I started coughing it out. Brother’s girlfriend smoked some more then we got out of the car to go inside.


(Another picture of a picture. Look at that 13 year old stoner)

I was in a daze, let me tell you. I had never been to a concert and I had never been high, but here I was doing both. I remember time stretching out. I remember that climbing the stairs was very difficult because my legs felt heavy and rubbery. I remember being really glad when we got to our seats. I remember singing and dancing during the show. I remember feeling very dazed. And I don’t remember much else.

That was the first of many, many concerts… I still enjoy going to them now. That was also the first of many, many bong hits… I occasionally smoke still, but I have a beautiful glass bong of my very own.

So, two firsts in one night. What’s next? Here’s the list if you don’t remember.


(featured photo from pixabay)

33 thoughts on “Angie’s Turbulent Teens ~ October 24, 1981

  1. My first concert was ABBA. Such a fun experience . I’ve never been a smoker . Both parents smoked in house, long car rides, etc. Kept me away from pot.
    Fun to read your stories. Brings me right back to the 80’s.

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    1. Thanks Teri! Can’t have the 80s without Pat Benatar😂. I actually smoked pot before I ever tried a cigarette or clove cigarette. This friend’s mom was a smoker and she&her brother used to wrap tape or staple mom’s cigarettes closed. They hated cigarette smoke but pot was different. In their eyes anyway. These days there are a gazillion options for ingesting without smoking. And, oh goodness, it’s SO much stronger😮


  2. My mom took me to see Kenny Rogers when I was a kid. Not sure that counts though. The first one I chose to go to was the Indigo Girls. I never really connected with weed. I am the paranoid type – so it never relaxed me just got me all worked up and scared. Fun to read though and I love the pictures 🙂

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    1. Yes Kenny Rogers counts, unless you don’t want it too. 😉 My daughters went crazy over Brittney Spears so I got tickets (ugh) and by the time the show came around they (mostly older) were “so over it”. We went anyway, those tickets were expensive. But neither daughter will claim that as a first show😂
      Yeah, the paranoia can be bad. That’s an idea for another post…The dark side of weed…The time I was in tears because I couldn’t climb a little hill. It’s funny now but horrible at the time.

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    1. She and her husband, the guitarist still tour. You might still have a chance. Crimes Of Passion was the beginning and she just got better.
      I’ll bet Whitesnake was pretty cool. I liked them and hated Coverdale at the same time for trying to be Robert Plant, who I’ve loved since I was 12.
      The ringing ears…all those hearing cells dying…

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  3. Great story – funny what we do and don’t remember about our past experiences! My first concert was The Smiths in 1982 and I remember it very clearly. I was so, so in love with Morrissey at the time. Such as shame he has turned out to be a complete idiot. Our idols so often disappoint us! 🙂

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    1. I know the band name but I’m sure I know their music😟 I’m glad it was a fun first concert for you and that you actually remember it.
      My favorite singer, Robert Plant, hasn’t let me down so far. If course I don’t follow him the way I did in my teens. But we do put out favorites in pedestals, forgetting they’re human… Of course, some of them are just horrible humans😕😂

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  4. OMG! I was the same way when I was first introduced to a bong. I didn’t have a problem whatsoever with a joint, but a bong???? Egads, I coughed an additional lung out of my system. Who would have thought I had three lungs. LOL!
    You were certainly a rebel at such a young age. Hey, but at least you got to see an awesome concert!! Woot Woot!!! 😵🤟👍

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    1. That bong became a constant companion of my friend and me the following summer🤪😂 I improved my technique 😉😎🤣
      I wasn’t a rebel…all, ALL of my friends did everything at much younger ages. 😯
      It was an awesome concert. I love going to shows. Still do it👍🤘😍

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      1. I lived such a sheltered life with my father being a detective. I was a late bloomer to experiences…16-18. 🙄
        You, at least got to live like a kid… I was always under house arrest for stupid shit. 🤐
        Hell, I didn’t even start smoking weed until I was 19. How pathetic… I was such a nerd! 🤓
        But, once I got out of my house, I became alive!!!! I was unstopable!! LOL!
        What shows do you still see?

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        1. It’s been a year or two since I’ve gone to a show but I’ve seen Muse, The Offspring/Cheap Trick/Iration, Cage The Elephant/Alt J/Billy Idol. I’ve seen Green Day three or four times over the past 15 years. SOOOOO many shows. I’ve tried to list them all but my memory… I had all my ticket stubs but lost them when I was homeless in my car…

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          1. Oh, that is so sad to hear. I’m terribly sorry that happened to you too.
            When I was with my husband we saw shows at Jones Beach at least three times a week all Summer long. I’ve seen the Eagles I don’t even remember how many times, Don Henley, Kiss, Barry Manilow, (Odd entry) Kansas, Motley Cure, Styx, OMG… I could keep going on. I miss those days of Summer with my ex.

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  5. Bong, bong, bonga bong! You handled your first brilliantly – mine was a disaster a true whitey! I remember a friend of mine the first time l went bong, and she said she was a pro, within a few seconds we all realised that even me a complete and utter noob was more pro than her. She gave the game away in more ways than one of all sorts of things. The bong itself was a glass job and looked if anything more phallic in appearance than what l imagined a bong would look like!

    She did suck and oh my , oh my, oh my – l guess there were ten of around the bong, guys and gals and everyone looked uncomfortable – it was funny, but that stoned type of experience and with the thoughts and hallucinations of “Is she really just sucking or inhaling, shit is she even smoking that thing?”

    You had to be there to see the surreality of it all, very funny, she stopped and looked around the group “This thing doesn’t work, what am l doing wrong?”

    One girl said “It’s a bong, you are not supposed to be put the entire tube into your mouth!!”

    Everyone just laughed!

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    1. I think you’ve mentioned this story before. It must have been a narrow cylinder or she had a big mouth. 😯😂🤣
      Bongs are all rather phallic, aren’t they?! I think that’s why the boys really like it when a girl joins in.😉

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  6. I love your writing style, it’s assured and engaging. Your previous post on deafness and sound, and liking blogs and commenting on blogs, was pretty much the person who comes through in your writing. Oh, and I put the link to my latest book on which I would love you to read and review, and proof, and criticise, and enjoy.


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        1. So weird. I’ve been commenting on every post. I bet you were wondering why I was silent…lol. I’m never silent.
          I’ll keep trying. I know I’ve been sent to spam on a couple blogs, sent to moderation on at least one. Most, no problems…
          I’ll try to let you know after I read the book. I’ll do an Amazon review of course.

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          1. That would be good. Yes, your silence has been troubling. I hope that the weather has not been too hot, but I imagine it has been. Take care and stay cool.
            Oh, and I love your writing.

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              1. Hey, thanks for the 5* review. You hit various nails on the head about the book. I think it rocks. It’s a boy’s read (James Patterson). Next in the series is ‘First there was Eve’. From her point of view and preceding AWOL.

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