Books By “Blogging Buddies” Reviewed

I’m going to write a little bit about three books that I recently bought and read that were written by “blogging buddies”. By “blogging buddies” I mean people’s blogs that I follow and have comment chats with. I’m not getting anything from these reviews except maybe some good karma points.

The first book is Wolf’s Search by Jane Lindskold. 156477879909553218909828377536275067207774118597185.jpg

This is the seventh book in the Firekeeper Saga. Do you have to have read the other six to enjoy this book? No, it’s great on its own. This story is in the Fantasy genre. Firekeeper is a human young woman that was orphaned when she was very young and raised by a pack of wolves. Not just any wolves, larger, more intelligent, special wolves. Blind Seer is a wolf that is part of Firekeeper’s pack and they were raised together. They formed a very special bond and are life-mates.

In Wolf’s Search, Firekeeper and Blind Seer along with other companions journey in search of a teacher that will show Blind Seer how to use his magic without the need for blood.

I absolutely love this series of books and was eagerly awaiting the release of this book. I hadn’t read the sixth in a while and was going to re-read it just to reacquaint myself, but never did. It didn’t matter. I started reading Wolf’s Search and was immediately drawn into the story. Any reference to past events or other characters is briefly explained or incorporated into this story. I highly recommend this book and the entire series to fantasy fans, history fans, animal lovers… everyone really.

The next book is AWOL by Mike Evans.156477828732724016034523161191462490182634989435416.jpg

This is a dystopian story, but it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s got a new twist on the dystopian model too. AWOL is Absent WithOut Learning. What I liked about this book besides the twist on the dystopian future was that the characters were fully realized, the setting well described and the action steadily moving without a lot of extra words bogging me down. It’s like the author took Stephen King’s The Stand and used Hemingway’s style to tell the story. It has great action, believable science fiction aspects, and best of all, a hopeful ending.

I recommend this book to SF&F readers especially, but to everyone as well. The author is so pleased with the way this book turned out that he’s practically giving it away. The price is £0.99, which works out to about $1.25 USD. Well worth it!

The last book is Fiona’s Fling by Anna Fondant (aka Paula)


This is a romance novel. This is also a genre I usually stay away from. The “bodice rippers” are just not my style. Paula had done a post (linked above) about a bunch of other stuff and mentioned her books with a link to this one. Easy. She also had me laughing by announcing that all her books were “now Gluten-Free”. I enjoy reading her blog and the snippets of writing she posts, so I bought the book. Help out a fellow blogger, earn karma points, whatever. Besides, its Gluten-Free.

Genre aside, I enjoyed reading this story. The characters felt like people I might know. The language wasn’t overblown and flowery. It was funny and sweet. A definite reccomend to anyone who like romance novels.

That’s it for me. Back to my TBR pile before it topples over and buries me. What are you reading? What genres do you prefer?

15 thoughts on “Books By “Blogging Buddies” Reviewed

    1. The talent is amazing! I’ve loved books since I learned to read and it seems corny but I love that I chat with actual authors. I’m so grateful for people that share their imaginations through their books. Books have literally saved me many times.

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  1. They all sound like great reads, I’ve already added to my list. (My List) the one that I still haven’t checked out any of. 🙄
    I use to be such an avid reader, True crimes stories, suspense, mysteries, and stories about life agter death. (That was when I was morbidly depressed and suicidal.
    I’ll be honest, since I’m on such heavy meds, my comprhesion and lack of continuing through an entire book is quite difficult.
    That’s why I love reading blogs so much… (And, even then, I may hav to read them 2-3 times over) before it sinks in).

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    1. Reading is the only thing that’s kept me going at times. I sometimes read a book then forget the whole thing. It’s almost like I consume them. All my other “escapes”…crafty things…are too painful to do. Or Ben won’t let me.

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