Two Days, Too Dazed, Tuesday

Today is the second day of King Ben’s three week summer break. I know I’m very lucky that it’s only three weeks and not three months. Anyway, two days and I already long for that glorious little yellow school bus.

First off, it’s been hot. Yes, I know it’s summer but I melt in temperatures over 85F (29.4C) and it has been in the 90s (32-35C) for the past week. When I say I melt, I mean my scalp and face sweat like a melting iceberg. It’s not pretty and it’s not comfortable. Also, Ben gets crankier in the heat, so he’s been home all day and grouchy. On top of me being grouchy because I’m melting. Then you add his Mama in. She’s been all kinds of hormonal which shouldn’t affect me since I’m past all that mess, but does affect me in the tired and irritable way.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering if I’m making any sense at all? I’m just gonna go with it. I meant to do a post last night, but it seemed like a lot of effort. Yeah, I was that tired. No wonder I’m tired with Ben bouncing me awake before the sun every morning. Three out of the past four mornings (I think…) he’s bounced me, and I mean bounced as in jumps on the bed and makes me bounce, at 2:00am. Mostly he stays awake until 7:00pm ish when he wakes up that early. Autism? ADHD? Non-twenty four hour cycle? Just Ben? No idea. I know that I’m tired, hot, feeling hormonal and my head is about to pop off like a champagne cork.

The funny thing is… I’m in a fairly decent mood. I’m not angry. I’m not depressed. I’m not even really that grouchy. I think a few degrees drop in temperature, a snack and a nap would put me back on track. That and the return of the glorious little yellow school bus.

21 thoughts on “Two Days, Too Dazed, Tuesday

  1. Hey Dearest Dude! Oh my no wonder you’ve been popping into my mind a lot lately! Must be telepathy or something 😉 Yes you made perfect sense. Oh, how I feel for you! No hour of the day is sacred, is it? Heat seems to magnify everything, too, put susceptible people on edge, whether it’s physical pain, inflammation, or psychological moods and such, so yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from! 💞 It seems endless, I know, but hang in there! The end–of The King’s vacay and the summer heat–is around the corner 😘😘. Big hugs, big love!! 😍🍻🙌🏼❣💗💪🏼🍀🌺🌈☀️☮

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    1. Thank you Dearest Dude! I’ve been thinking about you a lot too. That mirror selfie… I was thinking that getting out and doing stuff is definitely agreeing with you. You look great and happier and more relaxed. I’m thrilled beyond words! 😍👏🙌Im also wishing I lived closer so I could join in once in a while.😏😍

      I know when my toes are numb and it’s dark at 4:30pm I’ll wish for warmth and sunshine. The grass is always greener…yadda yadda yadda… 😉
      Big hugs and love back at ya!💝😻🌷💖🌻😍💞💌


  2. I miss the cold in Australia right now. Me and summer don’t go along, especially the humidity. I would melt too, it’s a mess. I went for a haircut once and the hairdresser asked if I just came out from the gym or pool, because my hair was soaking wet and dripping sweat. Gross! 😅 ☀️

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  3. Ugh – I remember you don’t have AC right? Oh my goodness – I guess I would adapt but I would be pretty awful to be around. We’re on the three week countdown too – I miss the school bus! I hope you are able to get the snack, nap and little bit of heat relief to get some overall relief soon!

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    1. We did buy a window unit so there is some slight relief in one room. Our utility bill is scary though. It’s supposed to only be 88 today so that’s good. I got to “sleep in” until 3:45am today… it’s only 10am as I write this, but I’m optimistic.
      August 26…the “Yellow” day… we’re counting down to👋💃🎉
      (my new phone doesn’t have a school bus emoji☹)

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  4. Oh, Angie… The heat here is unbearable here too. Sweat dripping from my head, down my neck, and forms a pond in my bra. (Ooh, baby! I’m hot) … and not in the sense of gorgeous. LOL! 😜 😝 Is there a way to keep King Ben 🤴up past 7pm, in order to be able for you to sleep in more for yourself? Does he ever try to wake his mother at that hour? Heat + Lack of Sleep = Zombie, 🧟‍♀️not good.
    I hope for your sake the next three weeks go by quickly and this heatwave breaks. 🔥☀️🚌
    Mucho (((Hugs))) of support and love coming your way, Dear. 🙋‍♀️ 🤗 💗

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    1. Thanks for the sweaty hugs! They are damply returned!
      Older daughter works the overnight shift so mostly I’m the only person Ben can bounce at 2am. Plus, his mama is a grumpy waker. Has been her whole life. I don’t blame him for coming to me, even when she’s off.
      It doesn’t matter what time he goes to sleep. We’ve been trying to figure out why he sleeps (or rather, DOESNT sleep) they way he does since pretty much birth. He even takes some heavy duty meds to try to help but… he’s just Ben. And I’m just gonna be a zombie. I power nap when I can and avoid sharp objects.
      8/26 will be 💃💃Day!

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      1. Forgive me, you did mention that your daughter worked at night.
        LMAO… Avoid sharp objects! OMG! Little Ben loves and trusts you wholeheartedly, which is obvious.
        Sure, if you have to catch a nap here and there when you can, I’m sure you wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. 💑
        The cout down begins… 19 days to go! YAY!! 🤗 🚌

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  5. Those days sound all too familiar. The sleep deficit should be dealt with. We used door alarms to scare our oldest son from staying in his room. The younger one had a gate, but I’m guessing King Ben would hop right over that. I’m sure there is a solution.
    Other than that try to enjoy your precious little grandson. Make art, find a science project or head to the pool. Kids can be fun. I love reading to them.
    We have great nieces 3 and 6yrs old coming to spend the night this weekend. I’m excited to see them.
    Take care and stay cool 😎. Three weeks will breeze by and that bus 🚌 will be back before you know it.


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    1. I think it would be more fun if I could “borrow” like you are this weekend. It’s the daily grind and the heat along with the lack of sleep that wears everyone down.
      I don’t feel safe taking him anywhere on my own. He’s a big guy (11 in September 😮) and he still takes off running when he wants to. That with him weighing 110lbs, I can’t hold onto him. It limits where we can go and when.
      I try to keep things fun. I’m always doing some kind of project with him. Usually trying to tape pieces of wooden building blocks into whatever object he’s wanting created.
      Have fun this weekend! I bet there will be baking involved👍🍪💌


  6. Oh Angie, that’s really bad, reminds me of the line ‘Gees it sucks to be you!’ But l am not going to say that! Oops my bad, well don’t read it!

    But bad news, that’s actually worse than what Scrappy is doing to Suze at present, all she does is thump the door open which then smacks against the wall, with a loud thwack with then awakens the woman who can hear a gnat fart at a mile, so lord knows what a loud thwacking must sound like.

    Last night she was so tired, she was grumpy as Fluff! She made me laugh though, she was looking at the clock which read 9.05pm, and said “Bloody hell it’s only ten past five, six, grr bloody half nine!!” I rolled around laughing, “Oh that’s right! Laugh she’s your dog and does she wake you, well does she!!”

    I said “Hey it could be worse, she could be Yellow Bus Ben, who bounces on his grandma’s bed at silly oclock every day!”

    Suze just looked at me like l had three heads! “Who is Yellow Bus Ben??”

    Hope the weather breaks for you before you do 🙂

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    1. Poor Suze. The brain is all muzzy and the words fall out incorrectly. (Might be like Ben’s autism speech issues). Can’t she put a pillow or something down so the door doesnt thwack?
      My daughter knows about you and a few other bloggers, although Yellow Bus Ben might’ve thrown even me when I’m sleep deprived.
      Sometimes it does suck to be me. Sometimes it sucks to be you. That’s the grand adventure called life.
      It was marginally cooler the past couple days. We’ve been having some gorgeous sunsets with the extra bit of humidity, so that’s something to smile about.

      August 26 is getting closer all the time. That’s the day the YELLOW comes back to save me.

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              1. The very least l can do Angie, l understand all too well the importance at times of seeing countdowns [it’s a right dinky bus as well]

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