Not Even If I Tried…

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In today’s episode of Weird Ways I’ve Injured Myself we have my right big toe. Not a Happy Dance injury this time, no dancing that dance for a couple weeks.

I was taking some of the junk, I mean toys, that Ben had dragged into the living room back to his room. I noticed that the fan was still in the window and sucking hot air right into his room. So, I climbed onto the bed to get it out and shut the window. So far, so good. I stepped down off the bed and a toy train engine bounced down after me. And landed on my big toe. Ouch!

I went back into the living room, hobbling just a little, wondering what the odds of that toy dislodging perfectly and landing right on my toe of all places were.

My toe continued to hurt for a good five or ten minutes. That train really got me good. I looked down at my toe and discovered that I was bleeding. What were the odds?

I cleaned my toe up and put a bandage over it. It still bled for a bit. Stupid, expletive, expletive, expletive train.

After I was all cleaned and bandaged I sat down with Ben to watch his latest DVD on repeat… Thomas And Friends.

Yep! That’s my life. Never a dull moment at Casa Cuckoo.

43 thoughts on “Not Even If I Tried…

    1. Yep, always the toes. My left middle recovered from the Happy Dance and now my right big has a train-gouged hole. Maybe I should get some steel-toed boots and wear them all the time?
      Thomas doesnt thrill me…maybe he’ll go back to The Aristocats. That was playing for a week or so. Better music.

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    1. I’m super creative at finding ways to get hurt. I couldn’t recreate that chain of events if I tried😂
      The irony on a train cartoon (Thomas & Friends) being the “movie on repeat” is hysterical to me.
      I will try to move slowly and with caution until I can get more sleep👍 This really IS just my life. These kind of things happen all the time. Never a dull moment…😂😂

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        1. I appreciate your concern, truly! 😘😍 my daughters just laugh at me. I guess they’re used to my pratfalls and unless something is broken or needs stitches they figure it’s just me being me.
          It’s better today. No new injuries so far 👍(knock on wood)💖💌

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          1. Yeah, the day is still early. Let’s not think of the “What if’s and Could of’s” 😜 😝
            If it makes you feel any better, I slammed my knee into the footboard of my bed this morning. Then again, this happens at least once every couple of weeks. LOL! Permanent brusing looks like a tattoo. 😂 🤣

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  1. The big toe is apparently known as the ‘Ether’ toe which is also known as the Great toe or Toe of Destiny. It apparently symbolises the ‘Path’ we walk. Injuries to the Toe of Destiny may draw attention to the lower body and the need to ground oneself.

    I just did a search and that’s what I found out. One site I ended up on had an article called – My Big Toe Taught Me a Lesson About Dis-ease – with a link to a How Grounded Are You? quizzy.

    It’s symbolically interesting that it was a train which caused the injury… considering what you’ve been watching on repeat, and which you’re obviously fed up of watching.

    Apply TLC and a slice of apple pie.

    The odds of hitting the same spot more than once are high in my experience, that’s how I successfully managed to turn a couple of cuts into scars. It takes a certain amount of dedicated to the cause skill. 😉

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    1. I haven’t had another train incident but the dog and child seem to think they get extra points if they step on my foot.

      I’ve read the Pisces have feet problems. Being the last house I guess? Maybe I’m magic and I’m bringing inanimate objects to life and also too much in my bubble to notice so they get mad at being ignored and attack for attention?

      Dutch apple pie sounds good. That or Key Lime. Maybe both. But not together.

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  2. Ouch! I hope your toe is better today! My oldest was heavy into Thomas and I had to sit through many a video. Now I have “Little Engines” stuck in my head 🙂 Ahhhhh, memories!

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    1. Ben cycles through stuff. Trains were a thing for a while then he moved on to something else. We don’t get rid of his old stuff because his interest always cycles back around.
      I still can’t believe a plastic toy caused the damage. It somehow scraped skin off. At least I get good stories out of my weird injuries.

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  3. I took a cooking class in Italy and darn it, the rolling pin fell on my big toe that had recent surgery. Ouchie! No kidding. And i know better to be wearing sandals in the kitchen.
    The home made ravioli made me feel a little better and I went straight for my closed toed shoes.
    Hope school starts soon!

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          1. Yes. Drove them to the wildlife museum nearby to see owls 🦉, kestrels, eagle etc. then to pool, then showers, then home for movie then books. I kept much of Andrew’s toys and i buy books for the baby i nanny. Didn’t get to sleep till 10 or so. Unfortunately the 4 yr old was playing and talking out loud at 3:40 AM. I yelled “not time to wake up!”. Then she came in our room at 6:30 AM pointing to the window, the sun is up-time to wake up. I let my hubby take over from there while i put my headphones on and eye mask. He took them to the donut 🍩 shop so i could rest. Yes. Was happy to see parents at 10AM. That is key. Always send them home early

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  4. Haven’t been on WP fpr a few days but wanted to comment on this. Toes, eh? There’s a lot I could say about me and my toes. I won’t, but earlier this year I started to learn bellringing, i.e. ringing church bells. Obviously, with bells that weigh hundreds of kilos, ropes etc. there’s potential for injuries. on Monday I got my little finger tangled in the rope somehow, there was a loud cracking noise, and I ended up with a nice swelling on my hand and quite a bit of pain. Nothing broken, despite the noise. My colleague thought that ‘bellringing injury’ sounded hilarious.

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