Usually when I feel the need to do a free flowing, not think, just type post, it’s a rant. No ranting today.

Not that I dont have things that are irritating. Puh-leeeez! Just last night Ben & Zeus, the bouncing duo, arrived at 11:00pm just as I was ready to call it a night. I gathered them and marched them back to Ben’s room. Ten minutes later Ben was out and I made my exit.

Back in bed, feeling that dozy in between awesomeness, my phone rings. 11:45pm it has to be family. Yep, younger daughter mumbling something that ends with “Can I stay there tonight?” So, I’m awake now. I didn’t get the whole story, but its something with her partner’s parents. Whatever, “Uber over, of course you can stay” I say and go turn on the porch light. Twenty minutes later, a text that she’s going to stay there with her partner’s mother. I’m curious what the whole drama llama ding dong is about, but I’m tired. I still haven’t gotten the story, but I’m not buggin’. She’s almost twenty-five, it’s her business.

I’m in the bathroom at 1:15am when the Bouncing Duo arrive again. I march them back to Ben’s room again but he’s awake. I mean, he’sย AWAKE! Aw, dang! I dozed on his bed off and on, while he played and surfed his tablet until 4:45am when I relented and we moved the party to the living room. Coffee…

Here’s the thing, I wasnt pleased with my night, but it didn’t spin me either. I’ve noticed that I’m kinda in a coasting, cruising groove. It’s weird and its awesome.

I’m not ecstatically happy. I’m not fourteen kinds of freakin the fuck out. I’m… average. Average is good.

(The pic is what Ben does with sidewalk chalk. ONLY the Crayola square kind.)