Things have been happening that frustrate me, confuse me and sometimes just leave me scratching my head. A lot of mysteries and no answers. Not even any clues☹

The first mystery is where the heck my comments are going? I’ve been having trouble with my comments showing up on blogs where there were never any problems before. I even sent a question about this problem to the WordPress folks and pretty sure they didnt get it. Please check your spam folders if you’re not getting my comments and wonder why I’ve suddenly gone quiet. I haven’t. I comment!

Another mystery is something that I’ve tried to research and from what I’ve found, this shouldn’t be possible. I am post-menopausal. (TMI? No, its relevant, keep reading) I get PMS before Older Daughter starts her period. This is the second month in a row that I actively noticed it. It’s been in the back of my mind for a while.

There’s a thing about women that live together having their cycles sync. From what I’ve read, most science-y people (the ones with all the letters after their names) think this is more chance than anything else. A few articles even had graphs, so you know its it’s real. So, the pheromone thing is out. Which doesn’t matter because I’m  post-menopausal. 

So why am I super tired, irritable, emotional and eating everything salty and sugary I can shove in my face hole? The only answer I can come up with is my Empath abilities. ~shrug~

Another mystery occurred this morning while I was sleeping. It appears that it rained inside my bathroom. The floor was covered with water. The bath mat was completely soaked. The counter had water all over it. The roll of toilet paper proved to be quite absorbent, it was three times it’s normal size and dripping.

Normally I’d blame Ben. He likes to play with water, but he wasn’t wet. No damp clothes, no wet hair…nothing to indicate he was the culprit. So, another mystery.

Have any of you been experiencing strange phenomena? Or is it just me?


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48 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. Nothing in spam from you. I have seen recent comments, so I think yours are fine at my place. I think hormonal levels can vary even after menopause. There are times I feel bloated and achy and more homicidal than normal. Is it possible Ben has figured out how to soak the bathroom without getting himself wet?

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    1. It probably was Ben, but he’s generally not that sly. My crossed eyes and pre-coffee mind could only come up with “how did it rain in my bathroom?” this morning.🤔😂

      Thank you for sharing your hormonal experience. I have no references. Every woman in my family had hysterectomies so I’m the first to do regular menopause. I’m going to keep track with my daughter. Those science-y people and their fancy graphs could be wrong.😉

      The comments thing is so random😤

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  2. I’ve been noticing WP has been sending more legit comments to spam recently.

    Whether it’s a thing on a larger scale who knows, but when I was living in residence at university our menstrual cycles synched up.

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    1. I just found this in my spam🙄
      Akismet “made some adjustments” so hopefully I won’t be banished to the spam folders anymore.

      The articles I read about syncing showed that because cycles varied slightly that chance would sync them over time. I dont think there have been many (or any?) studies on it. The weird part for me is I stopped having a period 2 years ago or more. ALL the articles said hormone levels drop significantly after menopause. My understanding of that is I shouldn’t have hormones to fluctuate, shouldn’t get PMS.
      Its interesting and weird😆🤔 I’m going to do my own mini-study😉❤

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  3. Hey Angie 🙂

    I haven’t replied to your comments on my last post yet. I usually reply in the morning (UK time) because at night my dyslexia is more active due to tiredness and it makes for very surreal reading. Your comments were in the spam folder. Not sure why WP sometimes does that. It’s been happening ever since I started blogging and it seems to happen randomly. It might be due to you commenting frequently on many posts and maybe that triggers a spam detection device. But that doesn’t explain why it only does it sometimes. I check the spam folder every day, so I’ll find them if they end up there.

    The wet bathroom would have had me groaning loudly and cursing the water pixies for yet another leak but I don’t have a Ben. One thing I have noticed is that leaks and other water messes often happen when I’m feeling emotional but keeping it inside and ignoring it. Emotions are connected to water. The physical water escaping its normal place tends to release my repressed emotions 😉

    I’ve not been through menopause yet, and don’t live with any other women, and have been lucky enough not to get much in the way of PMS. So I have no personal data to share. Richard Feynman, a great science guy, stressed the fact that scientists don’t know things, they’re just trying to know things by coming up with theories and then testing them out, studying, researching… it’s a flawed process. So just because you no longer have your period doesn’t mean your body doesn’t still go through a cyclical experience. There’s a theory about the memory of the body… is it a cellular memory or something to do with water in the body? Too tired, brain shutting down for the night.

    There are many mysteries which are still mysterious… we still have no idea what consciousness is or why it is.

    Mysterious stuff does happen all the time, sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not. Usually it’s a bit of both. Enjoy it when you can and try not to worry too much when it’s not enjoyable ❤

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    1. Thank you for pushing your tired brain to comment. I know how hard forming thought can be, forget putting them into typewritten words.

      It probably was Ben, there are no leaks. Well, no new leaks. The next mystery is how the hello kitty he did it without getting himself wet😲🤔 Funny thing, we had a thunderstorm this afternoon. Very rare event in this neck of the woods. All kinds of water events happening.

      I sent another message to WP and they sent me to Akismet. They want to run tests. This feels like all my medical stuff. (Worlds are colliding…run for your life) Hopefully I get more than a shrug.

      Most people are good about checking spam. We’re all learning. Its getting worse and going beyond the few blogs I knew were glitchy to my comments.

      I like mysteries. I like the unexplainable. I like feeling small in the face of the profound (usually nature). Most of the time it’s great fun. I generally make a concerted effort NOT to stress on things, I go with the flow (water again😉)

      The PMS thing only really bothers me because of the irritability. I become a shrieking bitch and I really can’t help it. I used to tell my family to stay away. I dont like feeling that way. Its icky and sharp and heavy. Whatever is causing it, it’s a good idea for me to check my feelings to make sure they are MY feelings.

      Thank you again for pushing through the tired to comment. It is very much appreciated!💌🌻

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  4. I have no answers to most of these “Unsolved Mysteries” – Yes, a majority of your comments have been going directly to Spam. I get some one day, then the next their all clumped together in a can.
    I crave salty and sugary things as well, all the time. It sucks. I have no reason (like you do) to be tired all the time, but I am.
    Could it be that Ben was exploring the need to pretend being a plumber in the middle of the night, and you just plain didn’t hear anything?
    The only phenomena I’ve been experieincing is… I’m interested in a relationship again. Where the hell that came from, I haven’t got a clue.
    Going back to the comments beaming over to Spam… I would report it the the WP “superteam” and complain. You can use my site as a source, because this has been going on for over a month now.

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    1. I’m pretty sure it was Ben but the first pee of the morning, my eyes are crossed and I haven’t had coffee… my brain said “it rained in my bathroom”😂
      Funny thing is, we’re having a thunderstorm outside right now. So rare! I hope it cools off.

      I sent another message to WP and they sent me to Akismet. I filled out their form and we shall see. It’s gone beyond a minor annoyance/glitch. Its getting worse and its spreading. Like a Kootie🤢😡 I dont wanna be a “spam kootie”😢

      I used to get BAD PMS. I would tell my family to stay away from me because I couldn’t control the irritability and I was a bitch! I hated it! It may be coincidence, life making me grumpy, or I’m actually having PMS without ths M, or I may be picking up on my daughters emotions, ones she’s not even aware of.
      So bizarre. My life is weird🤪😂

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              1. Oh, believe me, I understand. I hope they can resolve this issue once and for all.
                The most recent to show up in spam was you comment to my latest Haiku.
                “Evening Chorus” (Haiku)
                I love crickets. We have them but can’t hear them over the sound of traffic☹

                It’s a peaceful, soothing sound and it feels just the way your haiku describes 👑

                I hope that helps.

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  5. I got you, girlfriend. I see you like one of my posts and then nothing happens, I’m like, hmmmmm. That’s odd…..Not like her at all! So then I trot over to my spam folder and pull your comment out. I just forget sometimes to answer it because you have to do it in a different place. I’m sorry!
    Oh my goodness, that is awful. I cannot wait to go through menopause and just be done with all this crap. I can’t imagine going through it and then STILL experiencing the PMS associated. And mine is so awful the past few years. I go right to 10 when my response should have been around a 5, depressed, moody – but the worst is waking up in a pool of sweat every morning. And honestly I pour sweat until about 8-9 every morning. It is so uncomfortable. Gosh I am so done hormoaning (See what I did there 🙂 ). I feel for you – that stinks!
    The water is a perplexing one…..I hope you figure it out and let us know!

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    1. The water was probably Ben. No idea how he did it without getting wet and it wasn’t like he poured water from a cup. It looked like it rained. If he’s getting quietly sly, I’m getting scared.😱😆

      Yeah, the sweating is gross and awful. The hot flashes…I hated that part! The irritability is what bothers me the most. Then and now. It’s like I wake up as a screaming banshee, and I can’t help it. I used to tell the ex & girls to just stay away, I didnt want to tell at them. It’s the same irritability now but no reason. Then a couple days later, daughter starts her period. Its bizarre. It could be coincidental or some post menopausal thing that the “experts” dont know about… all the women in my family had hysterectomies so I dont have anyone to ask.

      The comments thing…ugh…its gotten worse. I sent a 2nd message to WP and they sent me to Akismet and they’re running tests. We shall see.

      Never a dull moment🤪❤

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  6. The empath thing is REAL. There are animal empaths, and many more. I fit all the descriptions. I need to focus on myself and NOT on everyone else.
    Sorry about the water issue. Can’t help you there.

    I think I’ve received your comments in the past week. No worries there

    Stay dry

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  7. Well, I’m sure I have received your comments on my blog, so no issues there. Otherwise, ooh, I don’t know. I would get Mulder and Scully in if I were you! Both of them, they work best as a team. Oh, and salty and sugary things are great at any time!
    The greatest mystery in my house is currently: how do the slugs get in? They used to come in by the back door, from my tiny non-garden, but they have started to come through the front door as well. Which is a fairly new door and tight-fitting as far as I can see. Yet every morning I find they have been in. If I leave a piece of paper on the floor, they nibble it. They leave slime trails on my rug. I can never catch them at it either, I only discover their spoor in the morning. Grrr.

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    1. We had slugs coming in the front. There was a tiny dip where the tile ended at the door and they flattened themselves enough to get under the door into that dip. I could tell by the trails…yuck! I put salt on the ground outside the door.


    1. I like the cat & dog theory! Zeus is wasay too dumb. He cant get a drink from his water bowl without making a mess…. but he never drinks from the toilet like other dogs🤔 Sophie refuses to even come in the house unless Zeus is locked up in Ben’s room, plus she doesnt like water, at all… she would have raised the roof with her displeasure.
      It had to have been Ben. I still haven’t figured out how. Its probably better if I dont know😏😂💌

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  8. Well for some reason a lot of your comments were having to be authorised which they weren’t before, and l noticed in the last week a lot of your comments [and others too] what l would class as non bogus comments ending up in spam.

    I used to breed a lot of rabbits and one of the biggest problems l experienced was that my non pregnant does would suffer from phantom pregnancies because of the syncing.

    Ben’s becoming clverer … mawahahah.

    On the oddness side, my guide has been hyper active this last month and l keep seeing shadowy people again.


    1. As if you dont have enough going on… It makes sense though. We’re all agitated, I’m sure that affects our spirit friends. I dont “see” as often as I “hear”…usually my name being called.

      Hopefully the spam thing is fixed. Akismet “made some adjustments” and it does seem to have helped, at least with the spam part.


  9. My mystery these last few days is how on earth I managed to publish two short reads of The Purge in one. I republished and still the same outcome. I blame the Piper. If you bought Part 2, yo got lots of extras, but ones that were not proofed. Up to Page 75 is fine, I think.

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