30th Weekly Song Challenge

Laura, of “Lauravent69”, has started the week off with her fantastic series, Weekly Song Challenge.  


Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to Laura’s post. 

Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!


1. Post a video of a song that is about getting spiffied up.

(It’s got a lot of spiffed up people in the video, so it kinda works)


2. Post a video of a song that makes you cry for no particular reason.


3. Post a video of a song that is a great work out song.


Thank you for tagging me Beckie! Sharing our musical taste is fun. I invite anyone who wants to share their choices to do so. Just say Angie (or Grandma if you prefer) sent you.

25 thoughts on “30th Weekly Song Challenge

            1. Bruised sore knee. I’ll live…just another injury. Seems I’m always getting hurt one way or another.
              Ben went Taz, his Mama didnt react well, he got worse, she got worse… she ended up locking herself in her room to take a break. He sat down outside her door and started kicking it. He’s already broken two doors, several holes in walls… Anyway, I was trying to get him to come away. I was bent over to try to talk to him/grab him and she flung the door open. It opens out, so it hit me in the ass and sent me flying. I hit/stumbled over the step that there (weird house) hit/scraped my shins & left knee, landed in a heap down the hall. Then I had cold dog nose sniffing my ear.

              I eventually got Ben calmed but his Mama hid pretty much the rest of the day. Then Ben was in bed with me at 1am, made me get up at 5am. I left her in bed until 6:45.

              So, I’m “Limpy” for a few days until my knee heals.
              It’s always something… Actually, it’s kinda funny now. I wish I had video of my “flight”…I bet it looked funny.

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                1. Neither of my daughters will go to therapy even though they both admit to having issues from their childhood with their father, my disability, other things that happened to them… they’re stubborn. I tell them ALL.THE.TIME. about my therapy experience and how much it helped me. Ugh! They frustrate me.

                  As far dealing with Ben…same answer for them. For me, it is what it is. I roll with it. I was pretty calm yesterday. It’s hard in the moment but I dont carry that stuff with me.

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                    1. I dont know how much credit I can take. Honestly, it’s just the way I am. My astrology sign, my Meyer Briggs personality type, my enneagram (a new one to me) type…all the same basically.
                      I will take some credit though, cuz I do work at staying optimistic and positive.💪💃😁😎

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