Isolated Introvert

Its week 15 of Beckie’s mental health series, “Working On Us”. The topic this week is Introversion and/or Isolation. Well, being a Myers-Briggs INFP and being disabled, I can relate to both.

Prompt #1 Questions:

Are you more Isolated or Introverted?

I am introverted by nature and isolated partly by my disability and mostly by choice.

Do you feel that there is a difference between the two?

Definitely a difference.

Being an introvert just means spending more time in your own thoughts, needing quiet time alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean not liking other people or socializing.

Being isolated is being physically alone or feeling emotionally separated from other people.


What are the causes of being Isolated or Introverted?

Introverts are just born that way I think. It’s just the way our brains work.

Isolation can be a choice. I usually prefer being alone. I’m perfectly happy with my own company. I get overwhelmed by crowds, too much energy, too much noise…just too much! Concerts are the only crowds I can handle and I have to have a seat. No standing in “general admission” for me anymore.

I’m also somewhat limited by my disability. I cant socialize like I used to. I spend most of my time lying down.


Does your family/friends/co-workers question your behavior when you crave alone time and/or do not want to be bothered?

I dont have any friends off line. I pulled away from all my work friends when I became disabled and never pursued new friendships.

My family understands my limitations. It makes them sad/bummed out when I cant do things with them.


Have you spoken to a therapist/psychiatrist in regards to being Isolated/Introverted?

No. Neither are a problem for me.


What is a normal day being in your shoes?

No such thing as a normal day with King Ben.

I get up way too early and hope it’s a school day. (If it’s not, I go straight to doing stuff for his lordship.)

After getting Ben ready for school and waving bye to the (say it with me) glorious little yellow school bus, I go lay back down and sleep or read, blog, surf the web. If i have errands, I decide whether to go right away or rest then go. My errands are a monthly doctor appointment to get my pump filled or grocery shopping or stopping by the library to drop off and/or pick up books.

When Ben gets home from school I mostly do things for him. Tape stuff, write stuff, build stuff, open juices, open bags of snacks…basic peasant labor for his lordship.

After he eats, bathes and goes to bed, I lay back down, try to figure out what I’m going to eat and enjoy the quiet. More reading or blog stuff.

After older daughter goes to work, I start getting ready to go to sleep hoping my day won’t start in the wee hours.


If you were ever asked to go to dinner/party, would you go?  If not, what kind of excuses have you made up to get out of going?

I dont go out often. I just say no, I’m too tired. I am too tired to do very much and any free time I have, I want to spend alone.

I do occasionally go out to eat or to a concert or whatever with my daughters or my mother.

I dont do parties anymore. I had my fill of them when I was younger.



Prompt #2 What Do you feel when you visualize this picture? (You can write exactly how you feel, or write a poem, poetry, and/or short prose).

Toy loneliness

I see a poor abandoned Teddy who is waiting for someone to come back for it. This picture makes me feel very sad. Poor Teddy.

19 thoughts on “Isolated Introvert

  1. Relatable! Totally introverted and I work my way towards isolation. But not from disability, so that is different. I selectively chose if I am going to go to something – like the gym I say yes to, but dinners or dinner parties – oh my goodness – that gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about. I HATE talking in public, even if it is just to a few other moms. I perseverate for days and feel awful about myself, how I acted and what I said. Not worth it. Love my blogging/writing peeps here!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Social Anxiety is a perfectly rational reason to avoid “people-ing”. I agree with you about the blogging buddies! It would be nice if a few were closer geographically because I can see myself having a coffee with them a couple times a month. 😉☕💌

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  2. I’m also an INFP. Probably why we have so much in common! I’m lucky to have work that doesn’t involve lots of people-ing, and a social life where I can choose smaller events and pass on the larger ones (they fuss at me but pffft).

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    1. YAY! Another INFP. I was surprised at how rare a type it is🤔

      I cant believe I worked as a supervisor in the Emergency Road Service call center of Auto Club of Southern California for 15 years.😯 Of course that was my 20s & early 30s. I liked my job & was good at it, but my poor brain was fried after 8 hours😵. There’s no way I could even go into that call center now…all the noise… YIKES!

      The only person that really gives me grief anymore is my mother. It’s her job to make me feel guilty. Luckily I’m immune (mostly) now😉

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      1. Omg a call center! So funny. I accepted a job with an attorney where he’d train me to interview criminals & I’d travel & do exciting things. I was so amped up ~ 40 years old. Then a few hours later was like wtf did i just do? When i got home i was offered this job & took it, bailed on the other dude, whew. 😂

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  3. Your daily chores leave you with very little “me” time. It’s understandable that you would not like to socialize when you can be on your own. Although I don’t have a disability, I too prefer to be home in the evenings. Much more relaxing.

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    1. I definitely treasure my alone time. It’s funny, I’ve felt “lonely” surrounded by people, but never when I’m alone. Being in a crowd of people that are fake or uncaring, just to be around people?? No thank you! It’s way more relaxing (as long as Ben is asleep 😉) to be at home in my comfy clothes.👍

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  4. Hello, my peasant friend. 🙋‍♀️ I always look forward to reading your answers, and although you’re serious… Your sense of humor is hilarious!
    Minus the fact that I don’t serve a King, you and I are quite a bit alike. When I was younger, I was fine being myself even then… But, I still loved to do things with friends, concerts, parties, etc… It wasn’t until I learned of the mental illness/disorders, and the physical problems that caused me to be on SSDI, I have both isolated but also learned I was an introvert by nature. I enjoy “MY TIME” and other than have 2 outside friends, I’d rather be online with all my blogging buddies. My mother thinks I’m nuts for always wanting to be left alone, honestly, I love it. Too much people-ing wears me out. I enjoy peace and quiet unless I’m listing to Peanut or music.
    I can certainly understand fully about you enjoying the weekdays over the weekend. That little King Ben is the ruler of the house until that little yellow chariot arrived on Monday’s.🚌😁
    Here’s to peace and quiet!!! 😴
    Thank you so very much for participating in this week #15 of “Working on Us”
    Take Care of Yourself.💚

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    1. My daughters used to think I was nuts too. I would spend the day lying on my bed, no music, no book, not sleeping but just daydreaming in my head and being chillaxed😎. They didnt understand how I could do it, and I never understood how they could have people around them all the time.
      Us introverts need to isolate occasionally 👍. I’m happy to participate in your awesome series🙌 😘🌻

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  5. These answers are very insightful. I am an introvert too (INFJ or INTJ, not sure) and I agree there is a difference between introversion and (self-)isolation. I do not always choose to isolate.

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