Doubly Inspired

An amazing thing happened this month. My blog was gifted with not one, but two Inspiration Awards. I am doubly honored, grateful and inspired.

Thank you to Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess for the first award. Beckie’s blog is full of positivity. She runs a weekly mental health prompt and daily quote. She is also the Queen of Haiku (crowned by me). She’s got a ginormous heart and a wicked sense of humor. I feel honored that she finds any inspiration from me.

Thank you to Ursula of An Upturned Soul for the second award. I’m a recent follower of Ursula’s blog but I’m hooked! She takes the reader on these incredible, twisty, turny thought journies. She’ll point out sights and landmarks along the way with quotes and links, she’ll take an idea and turn it in different ways to see it from different angles. Her posts always, ALWAYS get my mind going in so many directions and I love it! I’ve found a lot of synchronicities with her and her writing and I love that too. Again, to know that she is in any way inspired by me is a fantastic feeling.

What is The Inspiration Award? Well, I’m gonna copy/paste to let you know…

The Inspiration Award was created by John of The Eclectic Contrarian – this is how he describes the Award itself.

“The Inspiration Award: The Inspiration Award is a token of appreciation to blog authors who have inspired you, your blog, artistic influence, and writing.”

The Guidelines


You may use the picture above as you have received the Award.

There’s no limit on how many or few you wish to award. Simply appreciate those who have inspired you!

I hope this is a blessing and everyone participates. But it’s not mandatory.


Now I get to pass on this lovely Award. I usually shy away from the standard Award protocol and just accept the awards I am given as gifts. I have so many feels for all my blogging buddies that its difficult to pick anyone out. Plus, these awards make the rounds and we all seem to follow each other so a lot of people I might choose have already been chosen.

This time I am going to gift this Award to a blogger who has been with me since the early days of my blog. She is a fantastic mom and a wonderful friend when I need one. She has two children on the autism spectrum and she “gets it”. Her blog is informative and supportive and fun. She tackles the tough parts of parenting autistic children with respect and love. She is an awesome human being and I wish she lived closer to me so I could hug her in person. I gift The Inspiration  Award to Robyn of Autism in our Nest with a ginormous hug and a heartfelt Thank You!


Since I got two awards, I reserve the right to give this award out to more people in the future.

13 thoughts on “Doubly Inspired

  1. blushing

    Thank you very much, Angie, for your kind words about my blog ❤ and you used my nickname – did you think of a sea witch or a bear? 😉

    I agree that many blog awards seem to be like a game of pass the parcel around and around in a small circle of friends. This one is a bit different, and I love how you did it. A very inspiring post about being an inspiration and being inspired!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my pleasure to write those words about you and your blog, Ursula! 😍
      I’m trying to think of the nickname as just a word, not Sea Witch or Bear. Neither image fits my mental image of you, but that’s my issue. So I’m going to use the nickname you chose. It’s yours and I respect you. Maybe at some later time a new name will present itself that works within/for our interactions.

      Oh boy, its currently 3:15am and Ben has decided its time for me to be awake and up. I hope this makes sense when I read it again later. If not, I hope you were able to translate and understand.😴🤪


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, you’re the sweetest! Thank you so much! The feelings are mutual, just so you know 🙂 I am so happy we met in the blogging world and could support each other – I really count on your words of wisdom when you validate a thought/feeling or help ground an emotion. I wish we were closer too for that great big hug and coffee dates! Thank you so much, girlfriend!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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