Another Broken Toe

What is the deal with my toes lately? Yes, I dont wear shoes 99.9% of the time, but I’m in my house.ย It wasn’t Happy Dancing or a toy train this time, it was a hug. Yes. A hug.

Ben ran up to me to give me a hug after he got home from school. It was very sweet to hear him yell “Grandma” with his arms out as he ran toward me. The problem occurred when his heavy, hard,ย  clodhopper shoe jammed into my toes. He didnt step on my toes, I got toe-jammed. Same foot as the Happy Dancing toe, one toe over.

Why? Why? Do I, a person who loathes shoes, need to buy steel toed boots and wear them at all times? Why? Anyway, I’m hobbling again.

Another fun thing that happened today while I was hobbling around the house is the power went out in our area right at sundown.

I saw a flash like lightning out of the corner of my eye just before the power cut off so I’m guessing that something blew or someone hit something.

Of course sundown is about the time we’re fixing dinner for Ben and trying to wind him down for bed. He was outside in the backyard and I think the sudden silence alerted him that something was different.

He didnt care about the dark. He didnt care about the missing meal. He was very, very upset that the TV was not on and the movie wasnt playing. It has to be playing on repeat whether he’s watching it or not. We tried explain about the power but he didnt care. “Fix it” he commanded.

Luckily my phone was charged and had high speed mobile data. Yeah, no power=no internet=very unhappy Ben.

He calmed down a little bit with the wonders of YouTube and Netflix available to him. He dined on Wheat Thins and Goldfish. Daughter and I were lighting candles in high places.

Bath and off to bed by candlelight. Then just as he was falling asleep the power switched back on. He sat up and said “Movie on” and layed back down.

Never a dull moment at Casa Cuckoo.


(image via wiki Commons)