Scene Cuts ~ Sci Fi

Thank you Melanie for tagging me on Rory‘s newest game, Scene Cuts!


Here’s the lowdown from the creator himself

So what’s Scene Cuts?

Fair question … and answered very simply – everyone love movies and films and everyone loves ‘ snippets’ from their favourites … those funny scenes, those moments which just captivated you – the clips that you could play again, play again and play again?

Well that is Scene Cuts ,,, scenes cut from a film you like and displayed as a clip.

Once a week, l will pick a Film Genre, post three film clips and tag three readers who in turn will post three film clips on the chosen film genre and tag 3 of their own readers.

Well, that’s easy. How do I play this game? What are the rules?

Guidelines: Scene Cuts!

Thank the Selector

Select three film clips from the Movies Genre of the Day

Select 3 readers to take part in Scene Cuts

Doesn’t get much simpler than that does it ……

No, it doesn’t. Let’s get to it, shall we?

#1 because I had to


#2 again, I had to (I dont know why its backwards. Some copywrite thing probably)

#3 the first time I saw The Matrix was when we rented the tape. Yes, the VHS tape. I immediately rewound it and watched it again. This movie still blows my mind. Fantastic effects, but the concept… Hmmmm…

There are my three, what are yours?




As always, no obligation to play and no time limit.

39 thoughts on “Scene Cuts ~ Sci Fi

          1. So many Trains with so many moods and at Christmas too!! 😄 sorry. Does “and friends” mean helicopters and boats and other such movers? I remember when George Carlin was Mr. Conductor. Hocus Pocus and Corpse Bride are two good ones. I was just thinking of them yesterday and Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas. Hope you get a good switch over Soon! 😄🚀💌

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  1. Great picks! That Matrix scene is the best – I agree – I think I rewound and watched that part a lot it was so cool. I don’t know what I would pick. That one, for sure. Maybe Aliens 2 when they realize the aliens are in the ceiling and then they start dropping. And Terminator 2 – when they are escaping the hospital and the alien police dude is chasing them with his arms turning into sword things. Always freaky to see!

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    1. Christopher Lloyd is so hysterical. I remember we watched BTTF as our “final” in one class senior year. We were just killing time until graduation anyway. It was fun for the teacher to do that for us. He had to rent the tape📼 after all😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. He was super cool. One of the fun teachers. I actually lucked out my senior year, 4 out of my 5 teachers were pretty cool. Huh, just realized they were male and the not so cool (not mean, just business only) was a female. Hmmmm🤔

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  2. “Terminator” freaked me out so badly that I never (willingly) watched any of the sequels, not even when the original was shown to have a soul… um… I watched all the Back To the Futures (and the first was the best, but isn’t that always the way?) . The Matrix is mind blowing. And makes a sort of terrifying sense actually. Thanks Angie for playing along!! Everyone is so DIVERSE!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for tagging me. I really only used Terminator for the “I’ll be back”. Every time I say it IRL I have to do the “Arnold” voice. I DID get tired of the voice for a while when he was governor, ugh!

      It was difficult to pick only 3. It’s fun to see what other people pick and be reminded of forgotten favorites.


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