POP ~ Booty Shakin

Thank you to the fabulous writer of  fiction stories, prompts, peeves and other words, Paula for tagging me to play Beckie’s Pop Of Positivity game. All the rules can be found on Beckie’s site, along with wonderful poetry, short stories and mental health information.


Let the booty shakin begin with this classic

Next… It’s just a jump to the left

And one of Ben’s current favorites

All the players that I know have already been tagged so I invite anyone who wants to show us your favorite booty shaking, happy, get up and dance song to go for it💃🕺👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

Oh, don’t forget to tag Beckie.

20 thoughts on “POP ~ Booty Shakin

  1. Angie, Girlfriend!!! You nailed this!!!! Oh, Yeah!!! Can you tell that I am really into the song choices? Omg, as I’m responding my whole upper torso is bouncing all over the place, which makes this really hard to respond to. LMAO!! 😂 🤣💃 🕺 I’m so happy you played along!!!!

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    1. The “s” makes you a Yankee huh? If you say so… lol. I’m doing okay, thank you. October weather is screwy in SoCal and we are having high pressure and 90+ (32-35C) temps. Hot dry winds called Santa Ana winds… the pressure makes Ben super hyper and very distracted. Life goes on though, eh?!

      Are you enjoying the quieter house?

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      1. It’s okay. Less washing-up to be done. Fewer tea and coffee cups to be rounded up. No reruns of Buffy The Vampire Salyer on the TV. The eldest girls are definitely elsewhere and not attired in pyjamas throughout the day.

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