Board Becomes Bronco

My last post was about how I’ve been feeling chilled out and relaxed. It was about my Zen Wave and how I almost wiped out. Little did I know that the incident that almost killed my chill was only Act I in the… what’s a good name?… Ah, Daughter Drama. Act II began just after Ben got on the bus, sorry… Glorious Little Yellow School Bus, Thursday (was that only yesterday?) morning.

Act II begins with a phone call from younger daughter. I answered the phone and was greeted with a tearful “Can you come get me Mom?” Of course I told her of course and asked what was wrong? She told me that her partner told her to get out of their shared home. Rather than ask for all the details, I told her I would get dressed and be right over.

She lives fairly close and traffic was going the other way so I made it to her place about twenty minutes later. She walked out in pajamas and slippers carrying a bag and the teddy bear she’s had since birth. Uh oh!

I tried to ask what happened and was told that she didnt want to talk about it. Fair enough. I told her about the toy gun drama as I drove back to the house. I still wasnt sure if this was just a cooling off period or if her partner had kicked her out permanently. She wasnt sure either.

She has only been gone four months but it was kind of weird having her there all day. She decided to crash out on the couch rather than lay down in Ben’s (her old) room. I was in my room like always, but felt a little restrained, like I should be polite and not make noise. Weird.

Everyone woke up/got up and started moving around right before Ben was due home. Older daughter offered her room to younger daughter if she was staying the night since older daughter would be at work. Younger daughter went into Ben’s room and called her partner. From the tears I guessed they weren’t making up.

Ben got home and the house was chaos for fifteen or twenty minutes. I went back to hide in my room. Younger daughter came in, told me that she and her partner had tickets to a show and she still wanted to go. She asked to use the car to go get different clothes and the tickets, also her wallet which she had forgotten. So off she went and Thursday afternoon/evening continued as normal.

After Ben and older daughter were tucked into their beds, I texted younger daughter to find out what was going on. Much back and forth and finally it was decided that she would drive my car to the concert. After the show was over she would take her friend home (partner made other plans) and bring the car back to me. She planned on sleeping in her own bed so she would Uber home.

She woke me up around 12:30am in tears. I had only been asleep maybe forty-five minutes and was groggy. She wanted my phone because hers had just been stolen. Huh? She had stopped at 7-11 and walking from the car to the door she had dropped her phone fumbling for her wallet. She realized it had fallen and was getting ready to bend over and grab it when a random dickweed grabbed it and ran off. It wasnt even an expensive phone and its password protected.

So she’s on my phone trying to get ahold of her partner for a ride and they’re not answering so she downloads the Uber app so she can just go home. She wants the day to be over! Of course there’s a bunch of stuff to go through trying to set up her Uber account on my phone. She’s stuck trying to log into her gmail and she cant get past all of my google stuff. I grab my tablet and start trying from there and I’ve gotten a login screen and need her password. I go to tell her (she’s gone to have a wee) and I hear her yelling her partner’s name and frantically asking if her partner can hear her. OH SHIT!

She grabs the car clicker thingy (Prius, no key) and her wallet and runs out the door. Thankfully she left my phone.

She must have broken the sound barrier driving home because she called me from her partner’s phone very shortly after she left. Her partner was face down on the kitchen floor and semi responsive. She hung up and called back a bunch of times over the next hour. Her partner was breathing and would respond a little bit but daughter was freaking out, wondering if she should call paramedics. I told her to drag her partner into a cold shower to see if that would get them more responsive. Partner had obviously been drinking but daughter couldn’t get an answer on whether they took something else too.

Finally around 3:30am daughter tells me partner had lost their wallet, either been in a fight or fallen down, and wanted their phone back. I told daughter that the cellphone store opened at 10am to come over then and we’d go get her a new phone then take her back home, and I could have my car back.

Ben woke me up at 5:45am. I got him ready, made sure he wasnt smuggling contraband and sent him off to school. I explained the whole thing to older daughter and went to lay down until 9:30am.

I called to make sure younger daughter was still coming and it’s good that I did because she had dozed off. She got up and came and picked me up and we went to get her a new phone. On the way I found out that her partner had taken Xanex with the booze, had spent $80.00 at a bar, lost their wallet and blacked out. Oy Vey!

We get her phone, I take her home and then went to the grocery store. It was over 90° again today, I was exhausted but I hadn’t lost my zen.

Here’s where the title of the post comes in… I had had to deal with some Drama, life was very bumpy and the image of surfing a wave of zen didnt really seem to fit anymore. I started thinking that it was more like I was riding a horse that had started rearing and bucking but I was still hanging on. So now my zen is a horse instead of a wave. I’m still, amazingly, riding it. I didnt even slip. I’m exhausted, it’s the weekend so Ben will be home all day, I anticipate more Daughter Drama from either or both, but I’m still chill. I’m not stressed out, I’m not projecting a bunch of “what if”s. Its wonderful and incredible and I love it. I’m just gonna keep riding this zen horse/broco/unicorn(?) and enjoy the ride. The bizarre, bumpy, beautiful ride.


(the featured pic is our newest family member, a rescue with his own story. He’s about 6-8 weeks old and had nothing to do with the post but he’s cute)