🎃Bumper Halloween Shuddersome Quiz🎃

As part of the Halloween Monster Bash, our host with the most, Rory of A Guy Called Bloke has given us a little quiz. I’m going to answer these questions without cheating and looking the answers up. I hope to get at least half of them right.

The Pumpkin is a Frevegtable – true or false?

I’ve heard it called a fruit so I’m going with FALSE. Is frevegtable even a word?

What is the Cabbage Night?

St Patrick’s Day dinner?

New York hosts what exactly on Halloween?

Since New York is the “Big Apple” I’m gonna guess a huge apple bobbing contest?

When in Rome … give Bobby a call! What is the relationship to Halloween here with this question?

No clue☹

The Celts were NOT superstitious, right?

I believe that’s a huge FALSE.

The Lanterns that Jack built were called what?


There are six huge Pumpkin producing Americam States – Yes or No?

Ummmm… Yes?

Each year how many pounds of candy corn is produced?

12 Million Pounds?

35 Million Pounds?

137 Million Pounds?✔

That stuff is always left over after Halloween.

How many films have used this track as one of the soundtracks to the movie itself? [ Name as many as you can]

O Fortuna from Carmen Burana – Carl Orff

No clue.
Early Halloween costumes were made from what materials?

Animal skins
Which pumpkins are real pumpkins?

Blue, green, red, glow in the dark, orange and white

Orange and white

Transylvania is found deep in the heart of Texas – right? If not there … where?

There might be a town called Transylvania in Texas. There are weird town names everywhere. TRUE.

Samhainophobia is what exactly?

Fear of Halloween

Eeek you are being attacked by a werewolf … what do you need to help you apart from better luck …

A very long nobbly stick, a cardboard box to hide in, a werewolf costume or a gun with silver bullets?

Silver Bullet…and clean knickers
The purpose to a bell inside a coffin was for what exactly??

To let the relatives know they cant have the inheritance yet cuz you were only deeply napping and they buried you alive.

A cricket bat, a mouse eared bat, a furry cat, a dead rat, a rather annoying gnat, a muddy footmat, a school brat, a fallen splat and a wombat are all things that Count Dracula can change into, yes?

Those are all outside his ability I believe except the bat. I’m not sure about the mouse eared variety though🤔

Do Mummies smell and if so, of what?


Bram Stoker did what for Dracula?

Made him a household name. Wrote a book.

Mary Shelley helped Frankenstein how?

Made him and his monster famous. Wrote a book.

The Day The Pumpkin Exploded 3 1991 was a huge horror success for which American county?

Pumpkin county? YouTube county?

It wasn’t always pumpkins that were used for halloween carvings … what vegetable was it?


Souling and Guising are other names for ?

Feasting and dressing up?

Last time you played with a ouji board and it went wrong was?

Never. I’m not opening that door. It’s not a game.

Sprinkled garlic at your doorstep will do what exactly?

Keep the vampires out and make your house smell like Italian food

Why were Halloween costumes originally made?

To keep wayward spirits from recognizing you.

If your birthday is October 31st what special ability are you gifted with?

The ability to choose a different day to celebrate your birthday or to throw a gnarly birthday party.

A group of witches is better known as a sloven, oven, coven or kloven?

A coven, although they could be a slovenly coven with a dirty oven.

Nyctophobia is the fear of what?

Fear of nightfall? No clue.

Triskaidekaphobia 13 would be a greatly honest Tee shirt design right?

Ummmm…. No?

Which song was a 1973 hit for Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers?

No clue.


Well… after taking that quiz, I’m now hoping to have gotten 30% rather than 50% right. My older daughter LOVES Halloween. She was born on a Friday 13th, so it makes sense right? Maybe I should have asked her to help with the answers.

(image is Zeus yawning. He looks so evil😂)

14 thoughts on “🎃Bumper Halloween Shuddersome Quiz🎃

    1. I was confused on the part two earlier when I read this. Was that there before and I missed it or was it added?
      Also, you are currently 7 hours ahead of west coast time since we haven’t switched yet, right? It’s nearly 11am here now so nearly 6pm there? Midnight close would be 5pm here?
      Oh dang… more coffee!!!


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