👻More Halloween Questions and My Dubious Answers👻

I thought I had answered all of the Monster Bash questions, but either I completely missed section 2 (very possible) or our Host With The Most, Rory snuck in a bunch more questions while I was getting my beauty sleep…all 4 hours of it. Either way, I’m back to try to answer some questions about Halloween. Rory says it’s okay to use Google, but that still feels like cheating to me.🤷‍♀️


What year was the movie Freaks released?

No idea☹ (off to a bad start)

True or false? It took 21 days to make the film Halloween?

I’m gonna guess TRUE.

What does the Hong Kong’s Lue Yan mean?

No idea☹

Halloween’s most popular sweet or candy is what?? Please discuss why you think your answer is correct in the Mystery Challenge.

I heard on the radio the other day that it was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I was in the car and came into the middle of a spiel so that may be a local thing, but I know it’s one of my favorite candies/sweets so that’s my answer.


During his lifetime Lon Chaney played a host of film characters – which are most notorious for the likes of Halloween? [As in monsters he played, list in your answer]

Wolfman is the only one I know. These questions are showing me just how little I know about Halloween and horror movies😳

Which events sell more candies/sweets – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s or Halloween?
Why do you think that – Justify your answer in the Mystery Challenge

I’m going to guess Valentine’s Day, because consumerism encourages everyone to give those heart shaped boxes to everyone from your sweetheart to your mail carrier. Not to mention the kids and their parties at school.


What was the year Universal Pictures released the first feature length Wolfman film and what was it’s actual Title?

No clue☹

How long has Halloween been around for?

Halloween or Samhain? I think there has been some sort of festival at this time for thousands of years

What’s your best and funniest story for Halloween or the 31st October ? Now this can be true or false – it’s up to you! But it’s only to be written about in the Mystery Challenge.

Huh 🤔 I dont actually have any good Halloween stories. I saw a thing  one year but it was horrible and I’m not writing about it. It involved horrible human(s) and a poor animal.

The first Halloween card was made when?

No clue☹ I’m gonna guess some time in the late 19th century

Witch as a word came from what?

I think it comes from a word that means crone or old woman. I read something somewhere… it’s in one of the stacks of paper in my memory…sigh

What’s a bonefire?

A fire made from bones?

Scarecrows and Halloween go together for what reason – how are they symbolic to each other?

I think it goes back to the Celts (Druids?) and the strawmen. The sacrifices for the fertility of the crops.

In Hong Kong the Halloween celebrations are known as?

Oh, is that the Lue Yan from the earlier question?

What does Wica mean?

Ummmmm…. wise?

How many of the challenges for the Monster Bash have you completed – answer only in the Mystery Challenge.

Two parts of a quiz and a head count. I dont think I’m gonna make it to the Mystery Challenge round.

Before the film was titled Hocus Pocus what was it originally going to be called?

The Sanderson Sisters?

I Smell Children?


Trick or Treat in practice is mostly commonly featured in which country?

The land of Fake News, aka U.S.

What is the normal number of candies allocated to tricksters or treaters on Halloween?

It varies house to house and what size candies. A general rule is a few.

What would your top costume choice be for Halloween? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge.

I wore my Eeyore onesie jammies this year. I’m ALLLLL about comfort.

What do you think is the most popular adult halloween costume?

Guys usually go for simple and scary👹

Younger adult women and older teens seem to try to look like centerfolds 🙈

Some couples do a couples theme.🤷‍♀️

Trick and treat is the modern version of what tradition?

Souling and Guising?

What’s your favourite colour choice … blood red, dark black, vomit green, puke puce or brown stool? – Answer only in the Mystery Challenge.

Blood red

What is hallow?

Sacred, consecrated, holy

Halloween in Spanish is known as?

Diabetes De Los Muertos which isn’t really Halloween. It’s more like Memorial Day when families feast and honor their passed loved ones at the cemetery. Leaving portions of food and drink at the grave so their relatives can celebrate with them.

What were your answers for questions in Part 1 – 1, 11, 20 and 30? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge

False, orange & white, pumpkin?, no clue.

Who would win a fight between the Addams Family and the Munsters? Answer only in the Mystery Challenge

Hey…. I asked this question.

I dont know who would win. My daughter says the Addams Family.

Which were the better family – The Addams or the Munsters – discuss and Answer only in the Mystery Challenge

Both families cared about their family units. I think that makes them equal.


Whew… this 2nd round of questions was more difficult than the first. It will be interesting to see how many I got right.

Thank you Rory for hosting an excellent Monster Bash!😍👏🎃

I missed last year, only did part of this year, maybe I can go for the gold next year😉

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