P.O.P. ~ Boob Tube Giggles


Beckie’s  Pop Of Positivity  this week asks us to find videos of funny skits from television shows. Everyone is invited to play along.


Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition

Watch out for the Grannies

Gotta love Lucy

Rosanne Rosannadanna


I hope you got some giggles. What are your favorite TV comedy moments?

13 thoughts on “P.O.P. ~ Boob Tube Giggles

  1. Check it out!! I got your comments, (Yes, they all ended up in Spam). But, I was able to see this one and this cheered me up. Great selection!!! 😁
    Yes, this last week and a half really took a toll on me. I’m still pretty beat, but I have to push through it. I am grateful to my mental health facility for talking me off the ledge, especially, after the jackass in Walmart. I just have no plans of returning there again.
    The disability thing threw me for a loop because I was a wreck. Insomnia got to me, everything for that matter was really getting to me. Since Thursday, I just shut down. Now I’m playing catch up. I also had a 5-part response from Melody for the “Working on Us” to read. That nearly took 2 hours. EEEEEKKKKK!!!
    I’m so behind on regular reading and pre-posting all my stuff for next week.
    My roommate and I had great conversations over the last few days in order to calm me. Thank goodness, I calmer that I had been. I was trembling so badly for over a week, I turned into my own vibrator, but this one was the furthest thing from enjoyable. LOL! 🤣
    Thank you so very much for all your messages… Again, I apologize for not getting back to you until now… I had everything turned off, including myself. But, I’m trying to get myself back together again.
    Love you, Sweetie!! 😍 😘

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    1. No worries about replying. I’m glad you’re back on your feet, so to speak. Even if you’re a bit wobbly.
      OMG! Vibrator🤣😂🤣😂 too funny!!!
      I’m glad you took the time you needed, but dont push too hard. I used to spend days in bed when my meds ran out then go into frenzy mode when I got a refill “to make up for” the days I spent incapable of doing things. It was a mental mind-fuck about as pleasant as your “vibrator”🙄😂
      Dont stress yourself out🤗😘🥰😍💌

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      1. LOL! Yeah, I don’t even know where the vibrator from hell came from… This is my thinking today… Whacked out! 😳 🤪 😵
        One day at a time attitude right now. If I’m behind, eventually I’ll catch up.
        However, I do need to concentrate on setting up the series stuff.
        I purposedly didn’t take a nap today, so hopefull, tomorrow I have my “A” game back. LOL! 🤗
        You mentioning the not having your medication for a few days, my mother went through that this past week too. She went ito withdrawals and it could have been fatal. I was a nervous wreck over that too this past week. 🥴 This week was the equivalent of Murphy’s Law on a melt down. 🙄😩 🤯

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        1. Awww… poor mama☹ I’m so glad I have the pump & dont have to deal with the withdrawal anymore. Its miserable. And yes, very very bad for the body.
          I hope Murphy is done with you and moves on to someone else (not me) like the jerks that deserve a little karma payback.

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