The Real Me?

Rory has a new community game/prompt/thingy (a fiendish thingy) for us. Head over to A Guy Called Bloke  for the particulars.


What is your favourite sweet treat?

You seriously want me to pick one? I love cookies and cakes and pie and chocolates. I guess it is no surprise that my clothes are starting to shrink.

I guess if I had to choose my favorite all time yummy sweet treat I would choose cheesecake. It does combine two of my favorites into one.

If you want to really relax – what is your go to?

I go to the ocean. Any place in nature, even a park is helpful, but when I really want to relax and center myself, I go to the beach or the cliffs. I experience it with all five senses and with my inner spirit as well.

I’m a Pisces, of course I go to the ocean. Luckily it is only about a half hour drive away.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I have answered this one before. I read about Meghan and Harry. I’ve never really been into the Royal Family and I didn’t even know who Meghan Markle was before she started dating Harry. I got sucked into it though, and now I’m reading about them online.

I categorize it as a “guilty pleasure” because I think following celebrities is silly and here I am, guilty of it.

Now it is your turn…

23 thoughts on “The Real Me?

  1. Wow did you really not know who MM was?? In truth neither did l ha ha – l am not a royalist by any standards, l am sick to the back teeth of all the malarkey with the royals, but am fascinated that you are fascinated with the fascination of it all 🙂 Astonishing – thanks for playing The Really You 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, I think we’re the same person 🙂 Except for the Harry/Megan thing – my guilty pleasure I guess is that I get EASILY sucked in to those links that provide either funny dog/cat memes or “Bet you NEVER knew THIS about _______ TV show…..” But cheesecake is my fav – I gave up sugar 8 years ago and my only slips are on a birthday where cheesecake is present. And the ocean/beach – totally where I go to center myself!

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    1. I got sucked into a “funny bumper stickers” link the other day after reading about Harry & Meghan😂😂
      I gotta stop with the sweets or get my body moving again. They made me get on the scale at the doc’s office and there’s 10 more pounds than I really want. 🙁 I doubt I’ll have much success this time of year avoiding the sweets so I better get my walkin’ shoes on😉
      We DO have the same tattoo🌞

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    1. Diana got married to Charles right as mr Turbulent Teens was gaining momentum😉 I heard about her and what she was doing, background noise kinda, but never really followed any of it. We were camping at Pow Wow the weekend she died, so I didnt even know until my mom came up to our campsite and told us. It’s part of why it’s so weird that I got sucked into following these two.
      Maybe its Harry’s ginger hair🤔 Ben is a ginger too😍🥰😂

      How are you feeling today?? Better I hope🤗🥰❤

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      1. To be completely honest… I’m shot. I’m light a faucet since yesterday.
        I decided to read a little, then go back to bed. I’m really not into writing, reading, or anything for that matter. I just want to go back to bed. 😒 😓
        In fact, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do now.
        Sorry… Thanks for asking… Love you, Lady! 😍 😘

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  3. So I’m meandering my way through the comments, and I saw your mention of “bumper stickers”, which, for some reason unknown to any psychologist, reminded me of the “Happy Bunny” stickers that were hugely popular some time back. (I have a whole bucket of the magnets they also produced, shoved in a closet somewhere in this house. They used to adorn the fridge in a parade of naughtiness until everyone got sick of my obsession. And then I did, too.)

    Please tell me you know of and enjoyed “Happy Bunny”. I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for a rejection on this angle at this particular moment… 😉

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