Ben’s Song List

Ben was doing one of his chalk creations and belting out this song…

but, just the chorus. Over and over and over… Also, with the way Ben speaks, it comes out sounding like “I’m just calling celery”

Another song he’s been singing lately is

again, just the chorus.

Before these two, was a different duo of songs…


which he played, but didnt really sing. Every once in a while I could get him to dance with me, and the booty circle was very pronounced and very cute/hysterical.

I’m very happy that he moved on from this one

That was the ONLY song for about a month.

He found a bit of this song on one of his many, many YouTube searches of studio logo intros

I did a search from the few words of the song during the intro and found the song. It’s a good song. I have no idea what the movie was that used it.

This is another movie song, but we know which one. I like this song too. Ben tries to sing along, but mostly just sings “life would be a dream, sweetheart”.


I’m off to look for the ear plugs and Ben is belting out how he wants to fly a kite.


(featured image is another chalk creation)