Astrological Wonderings

When the subject of astrology comes up, a lot of people my age or older get the image of some polyester clad, gold chain wearing, hairy chested, mustachioed dude in a bar saying “Hey Baby, what’s your sign?” Ewwwww!

Our friend Rory at A Guy Called Bloke asks the question, Are You Your Star Sign Personality?

I was born under the sign of Pisces, using the Placidus style. If I used the Sidereal or Vedic system, I would be an Aquarius. I dont know enough about any of the systems to say which is better or more accurate, I know that Pisces feels more accurate than Aquarius, and Placidus is the most popular system.

I’ve been learning more about astrology. I have been interested in it since I was in middle school, but never learned much beyond my sign. I made a page with my natal chart a while back, if anyone is interested in astrology and wants a bigger picture of me.

So, what makes Pisces relatable to me? I like the article I linked, here are some excerpts

Pisces has inhuman, supernatural levels of empathy. They always know exactly how their closest people are feeling, and even if they don’t, they can imagine (and are almost always right).

They see the sweet, beautiful, loving soul in each of us, the small child yearning for love and safety. They see our scars and, our failures, and our triumphs, and they love it all.

Pisces gets a reputation for being a pushover, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pisces is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Pisces is a cloud with a spine of steel. Pisces may choose to forgive and forget, but it is very much a choice. And if you wrong them and think you’ve gotten away with it, be warned.

Those are things I would say about myself. So I guess the answer to Rory’s question would be yes, I feel like my star/sun sign.

The thing about astrology is that even if you think its a bunch of hooey, there are enough people in the world that DO believe to lend it some power. Think of it as an influence… like the weather… We may (or may not) change our plans or our clothing choices depending on the weather, right?

What do you think? Believer or not so much? Does your sign fit you?


(featured image is mine)

29 thoughts on “Astrological Wonderings

  1. I’ve fiddled with this concept, off and on, over many years. The thing that attracts me is that the “general observations” about my sign seem rather apt. At the same time, some of them seem like long-shot misses, with me thinking “oh, I am NOT like that at all”.

    What I didn’t know is that there are different “systems”. I’ve always identified, or at least been labeled as, “Aquarius”. My birthday is January 26. Does my sign change with the other systems? And I ask that not knowing which system is the one that led me to the Aquarius label in the first place. Pray tell, Oh Wise One…

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    1. The only ‘wise’ part of me is my posterior😉 According to a random site I found, Jan 26 would make you a Capricorn by Sidereal reckoning.
      Not feeling like all the Aquarius traits fit could have to do with your rising sign and the other planet’s placement on(in?) your chart. It gets complicated, which is why its taking me so long to learn.
      There are lots of sites that will do a free birth chart. If you put in your city and time of birth its even more precise.

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  2. Hey Angie, a great post, thank you.

    When l was in my twenties to thirties l dabbled initially, then got really into it at the same time than my typical unbeknown Aspie brain was getting into lots of things paranormal, spiritual and so on. I was introduced to astrology in 1983 by a lovely lady friend of mine who said that in order to understand people – it wouldn’t hurt to ‘understand’ them through their star signs – that way you could build an inner understanding of a person through some of their core attributes. She even packed me off to a small study course held by a Guru friend of hers who further taught me all sorts of things.

    Prior to the introduction l had my Mother harping on about the stars not ever being aligned – but hey with her we are talking the gift and legacy, you know.

    Sometimes, we forget to look at ourselves more deeply, so many are quick to say ‘what the fuck ever all this nonsense … and yet many a time these same people will look at the star signs in the dailies and spend a day wondering if it might come true … then becoming disappointed because it doesn’t and blaming it on the papers not realising that they control their destinies most of the time as is.

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    1. You explained it perfectly! People will see if their crush is compatible but wont dig any deeper into their own stuff.
      Which actually, is a metaphor in general, right? Self knowledge is the only way to be truly happy. Astrology can aid in that, even if it’s just a door or window.

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  3. I’m a Virgo … and … gee whiz, I do echo the classic traits.
    But even a rudimentary understanding of astronomy renders astrology ludicrous (an appeal to logic – typical of a Virgo) as a result of precession.
    So I reject it completely.
    But I still find Libras a pain in the bum.

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  4. Yeah, I don’t believe much in them. Then again I don’t really know anything about mine and if some of the things said would ring true to my personality I would find it interesting. I do like yours “iron fist in a velvet glove” that’s neat. And, all in all, that description does sound like you. And I love your sun tattoo! Mine is similar just without a face. Love it!

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    1. Thanks Robyn🌞
      I’m learning that there is so much more than just the sun sign. The ascendant, the placement of the different planets, the interactions between planets… It gives me more respect for professional astrologers. There is a lot to learn and a lot to remember. Its complicated. I’m having fun with it…now… It made me very frustrated in the beginning because I couldn’t remember the stuff I’d learned😂😂

      Also, different astrologers will write from their own perspective. I looked at a lot of descriptions until I found one that seemed to match MY thoughts. I figure that after I’ve learned the basics, I’ll be the expert on MY astrology.😉

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  5. I loved reading the very first paragraph… First time I’ve laughed all day. Thank you!
    When I was younger, I think I relied on looking up my sign in newspapers, magazines, and my mom would always leave a stocking stuffer at Christmas, a yearly forcast of my astrology sign, whish is Gemini.
    I can’t even think of the last time I’ve look up my sign. I’d say it’s over 15+ years ago.

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  6. I’m intrigued by astrology. If the moon can have a pull on all the water on earth why shouldn’t the movement of the cosmos affect us mere humans?? At its root it’s fun! And anything that can help us learn more about how to be ourselves must have some good in it. You’re right I think, that you have to find an astrologer that you’re comfortable with their perspectives. I’m a Scorpio and plenty of what I read makes sense for me. ☺️ fun read Angie! ✨😊💕

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it💃🏼😘 Scorpio huh?? A passionate water sign… (which is funny because scorpions live in the desert🤔) I’ve gotten along well with every Scorpio that I’ve known. It must be a water sign kinship or the strong Mars in my chart🤷🏼‍♀️
      I’m still learning 😉🌻💝🌟

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      1. I’ve often thought that too 😂. Not really a water creature, nevertheless…there it is! The learning is the fun part 😊. I’ve always gotten along well with Pisces too. Passionate water sign is a good sum up – there’s a turtle at the lake who’s starving! What will he do if I don’t walk this evening and feed him his tortilla?! 😂 Have a super day 💞🌟🤗

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    1. It doesnt always have to be in the interpersonal sense. I think you can be bold when standing up for your ideas. In writing, at least😉
      There’s SO much more than the Sun Sign. Like humans, astrology is complicated.
      You DO have an affinity with felines though🦁😻🐈

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