Critters, Symbology, Spirits… Me

Recently, Melanie at Sparks From A Combustible Mind did a post that was about animal spirits that she identifies with and other parts of herself. It really got me doing the ol’ Hmmmm… I just love it when something grabs my mind by the hand, says “Let’s go!”, and runs off into the wilderness.

I don’t have a specific animal that I would say represents me per se, but there are several animals that I’m drawn to, or they’re drawn to me.

The two obvious ones are dogs and cats. From the age of eleven or twelve on, I’ve had a dog or a cat, usually both and usually several cats. I have never lived alone and the animals were not always my animals, but they all chose me to spend the most time with.

A wild critter that I seem to have an affinity with is the dragonfly. I love these insects for their beauty alone, but there is some interesting symbology (yeah, I know the correct word is symbolism. You get it, or you don’t) associated with them too.

Dragonflies carry messages that deal with deeper thought – and they ask that we pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.

To be sure, this creature is a magical entity. Please pay close attention when the dragonfly comes into your life, because its energy holds the essence of being alive, being aware, and giving thanks for the simple things in life.

What’s Your Sign

Before I read this, I had thought of dragonflies as messengers. Specifically, as messengers from the spirit realm. Looks like my thoughts align with this site, where I found the info. Some other things that dragonflies symbolize:

good luck

The next animal that I’m drawn to, or that figures prominently in my life, is the hummingbird. Some words associated with hummingbird are:


It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol – further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

…hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 2000 miles to reach their destination

The hummingbird animal totem is a messenger of hope and jubilation.

What’s Your Sign

Hummingbirds are amazing. When I was reading about them, everything I learned confirmed that what they represent and what they do is a part of me. They bring me joy!

There are some ancient Aztec beliefs about hummingbird as a carrier of souls. The Aztecs also believed that hummingbird represented life, creation, inspiration and promise. A sacred symbol of the Sun.

Other Native tribes believed hummingbird brought the rain or was the germinater of seeds for crops.

The last animal that I identify with and just love is the otter. Some words associated with otter:


I’m gonna add cute to the list. How can anyone look at, or watch an otter and not smile?


Otter are associated with liminal spaces in some Native and Celtic lore. They are also associated with the moon, divine feminine, twilight, land/water, marriage, birth and death, as I read here.

To me, they’re adorable and playful, but they also have an affinity to the ‘woo woo’ stuff like I do.

I was going to write about the Chinese Zodiac and my ‘animal’ and also some Celtic Zodiac information I read, but I think I’ll save that for a different post.

Are there animal spirits that you identify with? Do you find yourself noticing certain insects or birds?

(featured image is mine. otter pic was grabbed years ago and I can’t find who to credit)




Thank you Rory for the Beary lovely compliment!

35 thoughts on “Critters, Symbology, Spirits… Me

  1. I love your animals! Funny enough, this week I read that the female dragonfly fakes her death to avoid a male dragonfly who is “on the prowl.” Made me laugh 🙂 And I love otters too – I love that the hold hands when the sleep so no one drifts away. Cute is definitely on that list!

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  2. Great animal choices. I’ve always thought I would be represented by a small bird like a sparrow -fairly modest, hard working, energetic and singing away!

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  3. How fascinating!! Your critters ALL symbolize what I’ve come to know of “Angie” through the blog forum too! You’re full of energy, joy, lightness of being…and the other characteristics of your critters! The one critter that I identify with most closely is the wolf. At the recent memorium of my relative, I found that she was integral to the movement to have the wolf reintroduced to Yellowstone Park. She was always advocating for wolves. A bit creepy that we shared that particular connection actually. I admit that most insects give me the willies. Birds? I never ‘met’ a bird I didn’t admire – save the magpie or the crow (up here). Ravens are a different matter…they fit the mystical realm excellently, but they are also a harbinger of death (according to lore) and so they’re not one of my animal totems. Squirrels now. Yeah I love squirrels. Dogs and cats and critters in general have my admiration and respect. And the otter? Oh my GEE!!! ❤ ❤ So cute and so playful…I love their light hearted nature! This was an AWESOME post Angie! Glad to see you out and about too! 😀

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    1. Thanks for the Inspiration and sending me on a thought (and Google) journey!💃🏼

      It sucks when you find out that you share an interest with someone you don’t really like. It’s silly, but it almost tarnishes the thing.🤷🏼‍♀️


  4. I could look at those otters All day. They melt me 😌. All of the animals you wrote about ring so true for you. I’m thinking now of the dragonflies, hummers and otters that move through my days. They say otters are making a comeback in Texas and one suprised me at the lake recently. Right behind me just off the pier. It was amazing! He’s sweet and playful and he carefully cruises the edges taking care of everything…that’s you 😉. My hummers are incredibly loyal. The same ones return year after year. They practically knock on the door when they arrive 😂. Ahem, hungry, hello 😄. Then they settle in as good company all summer long. They hover gracefully and protectively “speaking” to me at times. Dragonflies are one of mine as well, have been since I was a girl. Really enjoyed this 💞

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    1. I’d love to be able to have flowers and feeders to attract the hummingbirds to my yard. Unfortunately, so would the cats, so I only see them out and about. They will come close to me and hover for a minute. Like a real, 60 second minute… I always talk to them and thank them.
      Same with dragonflies. There are no lakes or rivers near enough to my house for dragonflies to visit, but they do. Its magic😉
      I would love to see otters up close, NOT at a zoo. I’m glad they’re visiting you. Tell them “Hey” for me😘

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      1. That’s so cool 😎 they have something to share with you and you slow enough to listen. I’ve only seen the one so far. She will be a she now because she will make me think of you. Will say hey when she pops up again 😘

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  5. I like hummingbirds also. I feed them as well as the blue scrub jay and the various song birds.
    I read somewhere that the plants grow better when the birds are singing.
    Sounds crazy, but I believe it.

    Saw a photo from my garden last spring. Everything was popping up everywhere.

    Looking forward to Spring this year.


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    1. I believe the plants appreciate the song birds too!
      I’d love to attract birds to my yard, but with two cats that go outside… I think I’ll just appreciate them on walks😉

      We just had a week of what they call “Primavera Falsa” around here. Temps in the mid 70s and sunny. Today was low 60s and we’re expecting low 30s overnight. A big tease of Spring, then BAM! welcome to February ☹


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