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My previous post was about animals that I feel drawn to or like and feel a kinship with; their symbolism and how I feel about it. This post is about different zodiacs, my ‘birth’ animals and what they symbolize.

The Lunar New Year has recently passed and we are now in the Year Of The Rat. It’s sad and a little frightening, but also incredibly ironic that the Year Of The Rat started with a ‘plague’ spreading from China.

I was born in the Year Of Monkey, Earth Monkey to be precise.

Monkeys in other elements are selfish, while the Earth ones don’t even seem to have an ego. What characterizes them the most is their desire to help those in need.


It’s nice to know that my particular year of monkeys aren’t selfish. 😂 Other qualities of Earth Monkey are: ingenuous, convincing and practical; but also opportunistic, demanding and cheeky. I’ll admit I can be a bit cheeky.

The Earth makes them ethical and moral. Therefore, they will look for fairness and equality in everything. It’s not unusual for them to support minorities or the ones whose rights have been stolen.


I think I have a pretty good moral compass. Ethics are important to me. I did a lot of grassroots political work for various ‘liberal’ leaning groups before I became a cyborg hermit.

The monkey isn’t the only animal in my Astrological Zoo. I found information about the Celtic Zodiac too. According to their system, I am a Snake.

Snake/Adder (February 18 – March 17):

The Celtic animal sign of the snake has a cool exterior but is infinitely lively. They are curious and are always full of questions about the functioning of the world and the functioning of the people around them (even if they do not ask it openly, you can bet that they find the answers in their own mind).

Snakes are natural communicators and can be extremely convincing. If they are passionate about a cause, they can bring the whole neighborhood together with their zeal and enthusiasm for their goal.

Snakes can also be spontaneous and unpredictable. And although they’re flexible enough, they like to do things the way they do (who doesn’t?) and will prove to be uncooperative if pushed into a corner.


Not what anyone would expect as a snake description. I like it, and think it fits pretty well. I also like actual snakes. Younger Daughter has a Corn Snake that I was in charge of feeding when they were still living with me. Now Daughter and snake live with Daughter’s partner and partner has to do the feeding.

Kris the Corn Snake actually escaped once and we thought she was gone forever. I found her a couple months later when I turned the blankets down on my bed. She was curled up under the blankets, between the sets of pillows. I guess it’s good that I like snakes. I didn’t freak out, just called Younger Daughter into my room and showed her. She freaked out, but in a good way.

Snakes are also associated with healing and people born during the Celtic Moon Of Snake can be great healers, intentionally or just putting out a healing ‘vibe’. Snakes are thought to be mystical, magical and in touch with spirit realm.

Keywords for Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Snake

  • Poetic
  • Healer
  • Psychic
  • Artistic
  • Mystical
  • Dreamer
  • Intuitive
  • Adaptable
  • Emotional
  • Perceptive
  • Imaginative
  • Compassionate

What’s Your Sign

I quite like the Celtic Snake, but I have one more animal in my Astrological Zoo, actually a pair of animals, the fish of Pisces.


I did a post about Pisces, so I’ll just add a few things here.





So, that about covers it… unless I stumble upon some more information about animals or different zodiacs.

Do you feel affinity with any of your zodiac animals or symbols?




(featured image belongs to Younger Daughter, who kindly gave permission to use it)


~Thank You, Rory! March 13, 2020~

28 thoughts on “Astrological Zoo

  1. Nice!

    I am Taurus, the bull. I have some of the strongest associated traits such as fear of change, love of home and security, and extreme loyalty. I also don’t forget disloyalty, to myself or my children, even if I may appear to forgive it.

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    1. My ex is a Taurus. I very much liked his loyalty, hard work, focus on family. Pisces and Taurus complement each other. Pisces is airy (for a water sign) and dreamy while Taurus is earthy and grounded in reality. I find that I do get along well with the bulls. If my ex had been able to stay away from the booze we’d probably still be together.🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. I’ve felt the Pisces relation but was surprised at the snake and monkey ones.
      I know they write these things so generally that most people can find stuff that fits, but there do seem to be specifics that apply.
      I’m not surprised that you are a Taurus. Family oriented, down to earth…can be stubborn😉 But that stubbornness can be positive when fighting for your family!

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  2. I’m an earth monkey too! 🐒😄 Wolf/hound in Celtic Astrology. Didn’t see that coming with all the dogs 😂. There’s a visiting coyote at the moment too. He comes to the edge of the woods every night for food scraps. They’re actually very shy creatures and don’t bother anything. And last but not least Scorpio. I relate a lot to the eagle side of Scorpio. Great links and a fun post. Thanks Angie 🥰💖🧚‍♀️

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    1. Coyotes are very shy. I’ve encountered them in the back country. They’re only dangerous to small dogs and cats☹ Watch out for Coyote though, in Native Lore he’s a trickster.

      Yay! A fellow Earth Monkey, and a fellow water sign. Scorpions are cool just as a critter🦂. They dont HAVE to sting you, but they CAN😉
      Yeah, the Wolf kinda fits😂 no surprise that you have a canine kinship. Your ‘pack’ is important to you, whoever or whatever you include.🥰🐾🌿🌷🦋🐝🐞🐶🐢🐦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💞💖

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      1. Yes 😕 have to keep an eye on the little ones. I had forgotten that about the trickster, makes me think of something else, pondering….thanks

        Yay! My pack is important! I love each and every one 🤗❤️🙃 Scorpions Are cool critters. They protect their babies by carrying them on their backs for a while. It’s quite a sight. They’re quiet and out of the way, liking places where they can gaze at the world. Stingers only for defense. It’s cool to think about the animals and symbols of astrology. Like Pisces, does make me think of you. Two fish because you’re so in tune with the movement and thoughts of others. It shows how you flow and swim in harmony with those you care about, anticipating them and keeping yourself gently nearby. Just like your zen, a very beautiful thing indeed! 🥰❤️

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  3. I’m not that familiar with my sign, but I do know that my birthday can either be a leo or cancer.
    So it doesn’t make much sense to me.
    Glad to learn more about astrology and I love to read your blog posts.
    Happy Superbowl Sunday. My oldest was born on this day 35 years ago on January 20th when JoeMontana and 49ers won .
    My dad called my son Montana.



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    1. Thanks Teri for sharing that cool story about your son!🥰🏈 I used to really like football, then our team said ‘build us a stadium or we’re leaving’ and the city said ‘bye bye bye’. The NFL was a little more fun before the last expansion. I gave up on the corporate money grubbing 🐃💩.
      My first fandom will always be with NHL anyway😉🌻💌


  4. I find this fascinating but I’d never heard of the Celtic zodiac animals before, so thanks for sharing that. Turns out I am a Swan which has some similar traits to my star sign Virgo. I’m also an Earth Rooster in the Chinese zodiac. I think I share some of the traits of these signs but I hope not all! 🙂

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    1. I only looked at my signs🙊 I’ll have to look at the swan since Ben is a Virgo too. Roosters make me think of strutting around and ready to fight over territory😂 the word ‘cocky’ comes to mind. I’ll have to read to see if that’s how the Chinese describe them.
      I wouldn’t think those things apply to you.

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    1. I seem to have collected quite a few bulls here in my WP circle. Like I told Paula, I seem to generally get on well with them. It’s a good balance. The stubbornness can be a problem… especially since I have a bit of a stubborn streak myself😉

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      1. I am not as stubborn as l used to be when younger. I have learned the hard way that stubborness is for fools – plus there is a difference between that being stubborn and being determined. 🙂

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  5. I was born in the year of the Rat, so this year should be my year! You’ll often see 1973 equated to the year of the Ox, but because I was born in the first half of January, before the Chinese New Year, I was still born under the previous sign, which is the Rat. I quite like that, although I looked up the supposed characteristics and it didn’t fit too well. But I like Rat, I’ll go with that. Otherwise I’m a Capricorn, a sign which is ruled by Saturn, which is the coolest planet in may opinion. Also I like the ‘earthy’ connotations that go with it.

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    1. That’s right, you share a birthdate with my older daughter, so same thing with her about the year. She’s a Dragon right before the year changed (I dont remember what the new year was)
      Ben is a Rat too. I cant believe he will be 12 years old this year😱 I have a fondness for pet rats, but not the ones around the garbage bins😕


  6. Interesting post 🙂 Im a snake too in the Celtics zodiac. My Chinese zodiac is dragon and in culture snakes are like the earthy dragons without the legs and horns lol

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    1. Its interesting that Pisces fish and Celtic snakes are both cold blooded animals but the people born during that time are supposed to be very warm and caring.

      I guess dragons are just really, Really big snakes? 😂

      How are you? Is the depression cloud still hanging over you? I hope things are brightening up a little.🌻

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      1. I sure agree with what you said, dragon is kinda snake… Lol … Is evolution man, first was fish that swim in waters, then grew legs and came on land 😀

        Thank you for your kind thoughts! 💛 lm trying hard to avoid the D-clouds. I can’t afford feeling depressed now… Don’t know if that sounds right… Thats my Capricorn Moon talking. My Pisces Sun is still far from shiny… But this is such my season, things will surely clear up after Feb. I always get that down mood during this time of the year.

        Wish all is well and smooth with you 😉

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