Really Me ~ Reading & Writing

Instead of digging through the old stuff, I’m going with one of Rory, A Guy Called Bloke’s question thingies.


What are you reading then?

I went to the library to pick up a couple books I had requested and found another one that looked good too.

So, I am currently reading “Hitting A Straight Lick With A Crooked Stick” by Zora Neale Hurston. It’s a new collection of her short stories with a bunch of new ‘found’ stories. I’ve read most of her work before and loved it, so I had to grab this and borrow it when I saw it.

After that, I will be reading “The Toll” by Neal Shusterman. It’s the third book in his Scythe series. They are YA books but very cool. There are a lot of authors typed as YA that write great stories.

The last book I borrowed is “The Girl Who Lived Twice” by David Lagercrantz. It’s the latest in the Lisbeth, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series.

Also, blogs… lots of blogs.


What prompts you to respond to prompts?

I usually do a prompt when it looks like something fun or because it’s easy and I’m lazy.

I don’t write fiction or poetry. I can do a few lines of rhyming, but that’s it. Mostly, I write about all my day to day life and the weird stuff that bounces around in my headspace.


What is your favoured style of writing genre?

I like answering questions, it’s easy. I don’t really have a genre. I sit down with my little android phone and tap out whatever comes tumbling out. Imagine how wordy I would get if I had an actual computer. Ben still breaks things too often to waste money on one.

I write the same way I speak, so I hope you can ‘hear’ my ‘voice’s when you read my posts (or comments). I’m just as wordy and wacky in person.


How about you, what are you reading? What do you like to write about?



(featured image belongs to that Rory dude)

28 thoughts on “Really Me ~ Reading & Writing

  1. You have a great voice Angie! 🎉 It makes me smile and think, often both at once 🙃. YA has some great stuff, a very underrated section of the library. Love those too, libraries I mean 😘. My to be read pile is tallllll, very tall 😂 and yet I keep adding to it. I’m reading a wonderful old book (I love old books) Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow. An art book about Jill Steenhuis. I had never heard of her until I came across the book quite by accident, golly molly her colors! And WordPress 😊. I write all over the place, whatever happens into my noggin and most of it never gets posted. Like you, Questions are good prompts for me. Images too. I never thought about it too much but questions and images I suppose. 🧚‍♀️💃❤️🤗🎶

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  2. I’ve read a LOT of “YA” books and YA, for me, is so far in the rear view, it’s been obscured. I’m a tiny bit ashamed to admit I got through the entire “Twilight” series (never watched the movies. Having read the books, I was over-full with weird stalker vampires, no matter that it was in the name of ‘true love’ that he stalked her. Still creeps me out). I also have read the entire Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games one. So yeah, YA is on my level, however old I get IRL. I’m truly impressed you can type on a phone! That’s AMAZING (to me). I can’t easily type on my phone, and i get so irritated by doing it that the phone is in physical danger. Right now I just finished the latest Charlaine Harris “Gunny Rose” book (she’s got two in the series and I hope there’s more to come). I have a John Grisham (Casino Island – which I think was a mistake but que sera sera), a Stephen King short (does he DO short??) “1922”, and the third in an English Gothic Mystery series I’ve been toying with for six months! O.o I don’t find a lot of time to read any longer (unless it’s blog posts), and I’ve missed it.

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    1. I love Charlaine Harris. I haven read those ones🤔 so many books, so little time☹
      Don’t feel bad about reading Twilight. I read them too. They were well written, real page-turners. Harry Potter is good too, the books and the movies.
      I used to read at least one book a week, usually more. Now, I try to nap whenever I’m not in service to HRH🙄😂


  3. Oh my goodness, I was in book heaven this morning, although I had a troll. I had seen a sign for a used book sale at my old high school and decided to go. It was so BIG and so PACKED – honestly took me ten minutes to even find parking. I was having a blast looking through all these books! But I took Catelyn, and her attention span waned WAY before mine did. I got a couple of Anne Patchet books, two by David Sedaris and two by Richard Russo. I can’t wait to start reading! Hope you enjoy yours too! They sound good!

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    1. Our library has a book store inside and they have a bin outside the door where they put magazines and books that aren’t selling. I love the sign on the bin, two of my favorite words, “Free Books”💃🏼
      Your book sale sounds heavenly. I could easily browse for hours📕📚📘

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  4. Reading really does help. It takes you on adventures and to new places. That’s something which in reality is not possible at the moment. I’m currently reading a book on climbing (pretty grim as many are not making it out of the book in one piece) and I am reading Bruce Dickinsons autobiography- that’s one extraordinary individual. x

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    1. Books, specifically Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ books, literally saved my sanity and probably my life. They are me go-to escape.
      I didn’t recognize Bruce’s name and had to look it up😳 The little blurb says he did all kinds of stuff besides Iron Maiden…very cool.
      I like hiking and little climbs but I couldn’t do major climbing. I think I’m too lazy TBH😂🤣

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  5. I like reading YA books too – they often deal with tricky subjects. I think a well-written book is for anyone. I can certainly hear your voice in your writing. At the moment, I’m re-reading the His Dark Materials trilogy which I absolutely love – nothing beats a bit of fantasy. As for writing, it tends to be whatever I feel like at the time, which at this time seems to be songs!

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    1. Awww… Thank you!! I’ve had a rough day (2 hour meltdown ☹) and this just put a big smile on my face!😁
      You are 8 hours ahead of me, so it’s almost 4am where you are, as I type this. It’s not quite the hour of my birth, even in UK😉, but it is the day.

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