Part 12 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Morning Bounce and bedquake happened as usual. “Gramma come living room!” …blah, blah, blah…meds, Sven…yadda, yadda, yadda.

Daughter texted me 15 minutes later than usual to let me know she was on the way home. Uh-oh… usually that means she had a rough shift. That’s exactly what it meant this time too. More people calling out, not enough staff. Patients are all freaked out about COVID-19 and they’re restricted from having visitors, so they’re making more demands from staff. It’s understandable, but hard work for the staff. Especially when my daughter has over 30 patients that she’s responsible for.

Anyway, she told me she was gonna walk slow, so she could cry. I told her to take as much time as she needed. Please remember to be kind to the service people and healthcare workers if you come into contact with them!

I left for my doctor appointment at 8:15AM. During normal times, the 7-8 mile drive can take 45 minutes because traffic on the freeways sucks! I figured there would be less traffic, but I wasnt sure how much less. I was actually pretty surprised to see so few cars on the road. There were still plenty but not nearly as many as I’d see in off hours on regular days. It only took me 20 minutes to make the drive. Nice!

Like every public space, there were areas in the waiting room marked off to keep people separated.

I was seen, had my pump refilled and headed to Ben’s school to pick up the meds they had. (On school days they give him his mid-morning dose). I got to the school and the office was locked and dark. Dang!!

I texted Daughter and let her know and headed to the grocery store/pharmacy. Just as I arrived at the store, Daughter called to tell me that the Director of the school had been there, just in her office in the back. FFS! I didn’t really want to drive back. I wanted to drop the prescriptions, pick up a few groceries and go home. I told Daughter that I’d go tomorrow. Ugh!

I was pleasantly surprised to see fresh meat, fruits & veggies, and TP! I didnt need TP, so I didnt get any. I did get 4 more boxes of juice. We had 10 boxes at home, and we’re expecting 12 or 16 boxes to be shipped mid April, but better to grab a few since I was there. The shelf was fully stocked so I didnt deplete it too much.

I picked up a couple of cheap toys too. It’s good to have emergency gifts for HRH. I knew that he’d be headed to hyperville by the time I got home, and a cheap toy is a good distraction.

Got home, put the stuff away, greeted Zeus who goes batshit crazy every time I come home, even from the corner market, and went to lay down for a few minutes. Daughter and Zeus followed immediately. Ben followed about 10 minutes later.

At 11:30AM Daughter went to her room to sleep and Ben, Zeus and I went to the living room. I tried to catch up on my blog reading and email, in between fetchin & totin for Ben. He was pretty chill. Then he wanted to play with his ‘jail’/cave, which he had dragged back in while I was at the doctor.

Fine. Sure…whatever. The only problem was, he wanted to get in, he wanted to get out. He wanted a pillow. He wanted a blanket. He wanted me to push it next to the couch. No, he wanted it by the TV.

Then, just when I’m trying to put the top part on for the umpteenth time, my landlord called. I took the call, because priorities, right? He’s been on and on for months about paying the rent electronically. I tried to set it up with my bank, but we couldn’t get it to work between my personal account and his business account. I could send money to his personal account, but not the business. So he wants to try with Older Daughter’s bank. Sure, fine, whatever. She won’t answer his texts or emails because she doesn’t like doing ‘business’ type things and talking to people? I don’t know… when she was younger she wouldn’t even call and order a pizza. Doing everything online works for her.

Anyway, trying to talk to him on the phone about her bank, while Ben is yelling “I need help!” and the dog was trying to get my attention, because he HAS to be the center of my attention… yeah, a little crazy. It was decided that Daughter would call him when she woke up. Then he sent us both a couple texts about the same stuff. OY!

Daughter got up at 2:30PM and I told her about the call. She went online and tried to figure it out. She was able to set something up with an app or website, I don’t know. She set it up to take the money from my account, which is where the rent comes from anyway since I have actual checks and she doesn’t. She called the landlord (shocking) and told him it was set up.

She and Ben stayed in the living room, Zeus and I headed to my room for horizontal time. I tried to rest but Ben came in every so often needing this or that, or just wandering.

“White chicken” was served to HRH at the usual time. He ate it, sitting on my bed, watching a video he recorded of himself, me & Daughter a few days ago on his tablet. I had no idea this video existed. Like all of his videos, he scans through and watches parts of it over and over and over and over. Bath and bedtime followed, no problems, just the usual repeating ourselves several times to get him to do something.

I feel like I was running all day, but I didn’t really do that much. I guess this Stay At Home thing may be turning a bunch of us into slugs. I don’t know… my brain seems to have gone to shelter elsewhere… I hope it sends me a postcard.

Here’s something I found in my email (because I donated)… a nice peaceful video of the redwoods.

Take care of yourselves, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure…